Zett Proposal June-July 2021 | FT Product Owner & UI/UX

Position : UI/UX & Product Owner of Swapr - 29/5 - 29/7

Recap from last worker period

Main focus was getting Swapr Beta ready. We got the farming UI and contracts ready and started testing it internally. We also did an external farming campaign to close community through swapr.dev. All campaigns were successful.
We decided to postpone the Beta launch until we got another audit, because of all the edits and changes we made, we didnt want to risk it.

I did several interviews with developer canidates to find the right people for our team. I also pushed DXdao to get external help from already known web3 dev companies like Ethworks.
Ethworks provided us with Oleksandr. He joined late May and will be working with us long term. Oleksandr is a front end developer and dev lead at Ethworks.

Our effort to push for a branding refresh for DXdao ended in an effort to only produce a Landing page with our old brand.
The main goal was to have a new landing page and the rebranding took over and time was spent on making involved parties happy. And as a designer I know it’s almost impossible to make everyone happy. People have diffrent taste and vision of what a rebrand is.
The decision was to move on with the landing page and make a bigger out of the rebranding seperated from the landing page work. Entrecasa will create the landing page.

Previous worker proposal


For those who don’t know me, I’m “Zett”, the User interface and user experience designer and most importantly the Project owner of Swapr. DXdao has two similar roles where the ui/ux person is also the project owner.

I am also part time helping out on marketing and overall DXdao design things.
I got introduced to DXdao through the bonding curve sale and wanting to make DXdao move forward with its products.

Came to keybase early June to complain and instantly loved the way the workers and community worked together. Started doing bounties and helping out. During that time I had my own company which I was planning to sell my shares and move on from. Some of the bounties I helped out with included some work on rails.eth. This is where I met Federico(Swapr Lead dev) for the first time.
Three months later I sent my first worker proposal and was handed over DXswap(before we renamed to Swapr).


29/5 - 29/7
Planning to have a couple of Vacation days during the summer. I don’t have the exact date right now. It will mostly be during July month. Not going to ask for July Payment until i have the dates.
During the end of July I will attend the ETHcc Conference in Paris and represent DXdao. I’m a strong networker and will try get to know new people and new projects that is and could be relevant for us.


  • Product management for Swapr

    • Planning Swapr V1 and V2
    • Managing project on Github
    • Managing developer assignment
    • Team onboarding for new devs
    • Weekly Swapr Meetings
    • Swapr Roadmap
    • Product Launches
  • UX/UI design for Swapr

    • Multi-Chain Bridge
    • Multi-Chain Navigation/Network Switcher
    • Token Claim for SWPR Airdrop/rewards
    • Farming
      … and many more things…
  • UI/UX for DXtrust (shared responsibility together with Geronimo)

  • UI/UX DXvote (shared responsibility together with Geronimo)

  • Support Marketing

    • Partnership media
    • Announcement graphics
  • Support Communications

  • Recruiting Developers

    • Interviewing candidates
    • Reaching out to consulting firms

Main Goals

  • Swapr Beta
  • Swapr Arbitrum Launch
  • SWPR token launch
  • Conditional Farming

Side Goals

  • Design and Marketing for DXdao


The compensation is submitted according to the Worker Compensation Guidelines v2.4 2

Per month:

  • Experience Level: 5
  • Full-time - $8,000 USD in DAI
  • $6,000 (DXD) over 24 months with a 12-month cliff.
  • 0.16667%% REP (voting power in DXdao)

Period 2/2 has now ended and here comes the recap.


The long waited for Swapr Beta (farming) updated was released during this time.

We did a trial farming campaign and identified ways to improve the experience

A lot of time went to launch a product token for Swapr. SWPR Token and Swapr Guild is in the final stages before getting into a proposal stage. This work will set help any product token from DXdao in the future.

We have prepared the Dapp for an airdrop. An airdrop claim modal will be tested coming days.

During this time we onboarded a new contractor. Together with Melanie we interviewed and onboarded him to work with Swapr Frontend.

We also interviewed and onboarded a new designer named Boris.

Launching a dapp on more than one network is challenging. We released an early version of a network switcher which we improved a lot and will release in the next version of Swapr.

Preparation for a Swapr bridge UI is done. The plan is to integrate the UI with bridge partners.

Represented DXdao during ETHcc week in Paris. Created DXdao merch for workers and partners.

Overall I would say my main goals this period was focused on and we delivered on each point.

Ongoing work

  • Swapr Eco-Bridge

  • DXdao Landing page work together with Entrecasa

  • Swapr Landing Page

  • Swapr LP Governance

  • Swapr Guild Governance

  • Swapr 1.5 Interface

  • Project Carrot(KPI token platform)


Improve on

  • Better at documentations

  • Follow up quicker on github

  • More structured testing

  • Data-driven decisions

  • Shorter release cycles

Proof of work