Zett Proposal Jan, Feb, March | Product Owner & UI/UX

Proposed Timeframe

January - March 2022 (3 months)
I’m planning a 9 day vacation during February.


You can call me “Zett”. I’m a product designer based in Stockholm. I have 8+ experience in start-ups and managing products from concept to production. I’m also very deeply involved in the web3 world and its communities.

I got introduced to DXdao through the bonding curve sale and wanting to make DXdao move forward with its products.
Came to keybase early June 2020 to give feedback and instantly loved the way the workers and community worked together. Started doing bounties and helping out since June 2020. Since late October 2020 I been contributing time at DXdao.
I think I can help DXdao move forward on its vision and forming the right squads to do it.

Previous approved worker proposal

Proposed Scope of Responsibilities

  • Product ownership of Swapr

    • Planning of Swapr features
    • Managing Github project board
    • Managing developer assignment
    • Testing & Reviewing
    • Team onboarding
    • Weekly Swapr Meeting
    • Stand up meetings
    • Roadmaps
  • UX/UI Design for Swapr

  • Support Marketing efforts

  • Support DXvoice

  • Recruitment of new devs and marketing people

  • Support DXesport intiative


  • Q1 - Q2 Planning
  • Movr v2 (multichain bridge aggregator) Integration
  • SWPR Governance
  • Landing page release
  • Single token staking
  • Curve, 0x & Cowswap Integration
  • Recruit a Senior Creative Director
  • Help Carrot get a person/team doing UI/UX
  • SWPR landing page
  • ETH Denver Swag


The compensation is submitted according to the new compensation guidelines.

  • Experience Level 7
  • Full-time for total of 40 hours per week

Per month:

  • $9000 (xDai)
  • $7500 (DXD) over 24 months with a 12-month cliff. (will be done in a separate proposal.)
  • 0.16667% REP (voting power in DXdao)


Period #1 (January)


I made a Airtable questionnaire to ask contributors and the community, asking them, which networks would you like to see on Swapr and which features. @KeenanL also helped out doing similar polls on twitter asking the community what they would like to see on Swapr.
We took the feedback we got and start mapping out.
networks and features feedback

Me and @0xvenky started doing an exercise to see what we think about each feature.
Zett Venky Prio grid

We did the same exercise again. This time with the Swapr devs.
prio grid devs

The results were very different and we had discussion regarding this and what we expected. From these exercises and many other meetings we formed a roadmap for Swapr that not only looks at Q1-Q2, but also looks further.
Swapr Roadmap 2022, Q1-Q2

Me and @0xvenky, with the help of @powers @KeenanL created a Swapr roadmap presentation which we presented the members of DXdao.
Swapr 2022 Presentation
A more detailed DAOtalk post will be up soon with the slides.

During this period we packaged and launched one big release that we call Swapr Beta 10.


  • Separate the UI for liquidity and rewards.
  • New UI for liquidity section.
  • Cards UI refreshed for rewards section.
  • Support for single token staking and SWPR staking.
  • Removed the SWPR claim airdrop support.
  • Added support for Coinbase wallet.
  • changed XDAI to GNOSIS


  • Fix to make it easier for user to see where his expired campaigns are staked.
  • More bug fixes and improvements

We worked really hard to make this version happen and it will improve a lot of things for Swapr traders and farmers.


Me and @melanie have been hard at work trying to find a person to lead our marketing and branding for DXdao and it’s product. We have gone through 40+ Candidates and a couple of interviews to find the right fit.

I have been in contact with a developer from Stockholm named VanGrim. I am happy to announce that he wants to take the next steps to start contributing as a Front end dev and help us with compliance issues.

Marketing & DXvoice

With the help of Entrecasa, we created a bunch of cool swag for our next event, ETH denver.
swag swag swag


The compensation is submitted according to the new compensation guidelines.

  • Experience Level 7
  • Full-time for total of 40 hours per week

Period #1:

  • $9000 (xDai)
  • $7500 (DXD) over 24 months with a 12-month cliff. (will be done in a separate proposal.)
  • 0.16667% REP (voting power in DXdao)

Other costs:

  • Sweaters and Beanies: 7961 USD
  • Steel Cups: 3500 USD
  • SEK - EUR - USD conversion: 112 USD

:pray: :pray: Thank you for all your great work, Zett!
many thanks


Awesome work @Zett :100: and the swag looks great, looking forward to use it in Denver.

Question, we where using 0.16667% REP per worker “period”, right? and that would be two months. Your proposal here is for three, are you asking for that amount in the first period? that would be just the month of january?


The REP I’m asking in the main proposal is per month, and the REP i’m asking the recap is for January month. I will be asking in total of 0.50001% REP on all three periods.


I also need to correct the vested DXD will not be 2 years, but 3 years with the new guidelines.



Period #2 Highlights (February)


Worked mostly on new swapr box design flow

This includes features such as alternative receiver, MEV, slippage indicator, sub menu for limit orders and bridge swap, USD value preview on input + output. It has an updated design to work better with the new landing page.

Led an initiative together with @0xVenky and @KeenanL to integrate the landing that was created by entrecasa. Entrecasa devs and our devs connected and made it happen. We succesfully merged a dapp and a landing page. See it here https://swapr.eth.limo/

During this period Swapr Squad managed to release Swapr Beta 11


Started onboarding Dirk, a new candidate for the role of Creative Director & Marketing.

During this period I took 2 weeks(10 workdays) off. I expect to be paid 50%.

Period #2:

  • $4500 (xDai)
  • $3750 (DXD) over 36 months with a 12-month cliff. (will be done in a separate proposal.)
  • 0,083335% REP (voting power in DXdao)


Period #3 Highlights (March)


Cow token campaign

Together with Cow Protocol we set out to do a Liquidity incentives campaign with 4(!) rewards including a carrot campaign. COW/WETH pool made our gnosis chain Swapr see new records of daily and weekly volume. We averaged $32m first day.
We had a couple of hiccups during this time.

  1. Carrot Campaign link didn’t take you to any campaign and redirected you to the landing page of carrot. This is because carrot.eth was not updated with the latest versions which were running the campaigns.

  2. Deposit/withdrawals during the high volatility of COW/WETH was almost impossible and we don’t have the tools to help our users to make it easier.

    Our solution would be to add a slippage settings to deposit/withdraw.

  3. Swapr.eth.link was down most of the time(and still is at the time of writing). This is something we don’t have control over. We made an effort to see if this from our side and optimized a lot of things. The dapp is still down on eth.link. We have started to the process to start asking people to visit swapr.eth.limo instead and changed our links on our social media. .eth.limo is much more reliable and is almost never down. We want to make an effort talking to ENS guys and cloudflare to see what the future of .eth.link will be.

DIY Farming 1.2

DIY farming page has been redesigning to fit the new design of swapr. We have also rearranged the flow to suit the features we are building. Here is the design (still work in progress) below and we plan to have this ready during Q2.

Improved Swap Box

Currently Being reviewed and will be released with Swapr Beta 12. More about it in Recap #2
Really great work by @Berteotti . The new swap box will be released in phases where we test all new features we are adding.


Q1 Recap

Now all three periods are done i would like to take a look at the goals i set.


  • Q1 - Q2 Planning image See recap #1
  • Movr v2 Integration image Done but not launched
  • SWPR Governance image Not done
  • Landing page release image See recap #2
  • Single token staking image Launched SWPR campaign.
  • Curve, 0x & Cowswap Integration image Delayed because of testing and improving the experience.
  • Recruit a Senior Creative Director image Welcome Dirk :slight_smile:
  • Help Carrot get a person/team doing UI/UX image Dirk is onboarding by helping out on carrot.
  • ETH Denver Swag image see recap #2

I think we did pretty well during this period and our planning was almost executed as we wanted it. We did have some hiccups with integrating curve and cow protocol when it comes to the user experience and this is something we expected. The integration itself is done.
Swpr governance is delayed until DXgov and Swapr squad done with it and the smart contracts has been audited. We are estimating this to be during the summer.

There will be an update of the roadmap showing the new estimates of Swapr features.


The compensation is submitted according to the new compensation guidelines.

  • Experience Level 7
  • Full-time for total of 40 hours per week

Period #1:

  • $9000 (xDai)
  • $7500 (DXD) over 36 months with a 12-month cliff. (will be done in a separate proposal.)
  • 0.16667% REP (voting power in DXdao)