Zett Proposal August-September 2021 | FT Product Owner & UI/UX


For those who don’t know me, I’m “Zett”, the User interface and user experience designer and most importantly the Project lead/owner of Swapr.

I am also part time helping out on marketing and overall DXdao design things.
I got introduced to DXdao through the bonding curve sale and wanting to make DXdao move forward with its products.

Came to keybase early June 2020 to complain and instantly loved the way the workers and community worked together. Started doing bounties and helping out. During that time I had my own company which I was planning to sell my shares and move on from. Some of the bounties I helped out with included some work on rails.eth. This is where I met Federico(Swapr Lead dev) for the first time.
Since November 2020 I have been working with Swapr.

Previous approved worker proposal

Proposed Timeframe

4 August - 4 October 2021

Proposed Scope of Responsibility

  • Product Lead of Swapr
    - Planning Swapr V1.5 and V2
    - Managing project on Github
    - Managing developer assignment
    - Team onboarding for new devs
    - Weekly Swapr Meetings
    - Product Roadmap
    - SWPR Snapshot Guild

  • UI/UX Designer
    - Multichain Bridge/Eco Bridge
    - Swapr V1.5
    - SWPR Guild Governance
    - Swapr LP Governance
    - New features design
    - Improvement of Farming interface
    - Project Carrot

  • Marketing Design (shared responsibility with Boris)
    - DXdao Landing page with Entrecasa
    - Swapr Landing Page with Entrecasa
    - New Markets Design design template
    - New Farming Incentives design template
    - Swapr TVL milestone design template
    - DXdao POAPs
    - Merchandise


  • Swapr on Arbitrum
  • Farming on Arbitrum
  • SWPR token launch
  • SWPR token airdrop
  • SWPR guild MVP design


The compensation is submitted according to the Worker Compensation Guidelines v2.4 2

Per month:

  • Experience Level: 5
  • Full-time - $8,000 USD in DAI
  • $6,000 (DXD) over 24 months with a 12-month cliff.
  • 0.16667%% REP (voting power in DXdao)

August & mid-September Recap and Achievements:

SWPR and Arbitrum Launch

During this turbulent time we achieved some great things.
We launched the first new token on Arbitrum. First airdrop on Arbitrum and most possible the first DAO on Arbitrum. Our community saw big growth and Swapr stands as one of the biggest fee receivers

Due to some errors on DXvote we made the choice to redeploy everything from scratch again. This included some heavy testing and the creation of a token conversion flow for the users to make the transition from old SWPR to new SWPR seamless. This is when we saw how DXdao workers come together to work hard and long hours to get the new build and token up. Super thankful for having amazing co-workers.

Half the work for the redeployment including communicating what happened and what’s next to the community without creating unnecessary FUD. The timeline as of now looks like this:


A lot of material was prepared for the SWPR token and Arbitrum Launch. You can see them at our medium Swapr – Medium

Me and Boris created a couple of templates that will be reused during our campaigns with Swapr:

  • New Farming Incentives design template
  • Swapr POAP template

What’s needed to be created:

  • New Markets Design design template
  • “New Bridge” Template
  • SWPR TVL Milestone Template

Websites for both Swapr and DXdao is close to be finished.
DXdao website is in the last stages of touch ups and will be publicly reviewed very soon.
Swapr website is still in the design phase. We asked Entrecasa to make the website simple enough for release asap and we can pick up nice designs and animations later on.

Swapr Dapp

Onboarded two new devs(Oscar and Daniel) working together with Oleksandr on the bridge MVP.
Violet/Milan helped us on DXstats, fixing issues and improving some UX/UI things. He is now working on improving frontend of Swapr.
Allocated some of my responsibility to Venky so I can focus more on designing the next things. Venky made some great contributions moving us to Zenhub now that the team is growing and we have more moving parts.


I want to acknowledge @Zett and the other contributors who have been working tirelessly on the SWPR and Arbitrum Launch these past few months. I don’t think any words can adequately describe all the hard work that went into this. Needless to say, I feel so proud of everyone and the work they have done. If possible, I think DXdao should find a way to reward these contributors for their work on this :smiley:


It’s time to close the last month of this proposal.
Here comes some Highlights of things achieved.

  • Successful airdrop to thousands of DeFi users

  • Relaunch of Swapr on Arbitrum

  • Token conversion interface (old SWPR to new SWPR)

  • Relaunch of SWPR token on Arbitrum

  • Farming Campaigns with the new SWPR token on arbitrum

  • TVL reached 68 Million USD only on Arbitrum and over 72 Million in total TVL across all chains.

We successfully took a broken launch to a successful launch with very little friction to the community. This was a great show of collaboration by DXdao. I want to thank everyone involved in making this happen and stay the long weekend nights.

Checking out what I proposed as goals for this period, i would say I’m very pleased with what we achieved as a team.
Some things got less prioritized because of the relaunch. Swapr guild got little attention during this period.

We have a brand new Swapr bridge team working and will be close to launching the MVP.

Swapr and DXdao landing pages still in development with DXdao being out first.

DXevent and conference merchandise got designed and produced by me and Boris. Several POAPs got designed and distributed.

I will create a new proposal and take those items that didn’t get finished to the next period and setup new goals.