Zett Proposal April-May 2021 | FT Product Owner & UI/UX

Here comes a month delayed worker proposal. Much of my last proposal responsibilities is still the same and my main focus is to follow the Swapr Roadmap and deliver Swapr Beta and Swapr V1.


During my vacation (March 15 - 29) @0xVenky stepped in and has been helping a lot on project managing the github and testing. We have split the responsibility, where I am the product owner and take care of the overall vision, roadmap and worker managing. Venky will be supporting me as a product manager, taking care and managing github and testing.

We have been working hard for the latest 3 months on farming. We reworked the design and ux after doing internal testing. We are doing a product launch with active farming campaigns.

Meanwhile we are also preparing for the arbitrum launch. Our strategy is to prepare Swapr to be multichain ready with all the tools you need to be able to Swap, farm, bridge and vote on Swapr.

I also have taken my time to help out on design and marketing. Together with communications we have been on a process to find a team to create a complete branding for DXdao and a design language, that in the end will help us build a new DXdao Landing page.

This work will continue until we have a dedicated designer and/or a marketing lead.

We have come as far as chosen a firm to work with and successfully have dxdao vote on their proposal to do the rebranding and creating of the landing page.
We are in the last steps of style and branding.

I have also been actively trying to recruit developers for DXdao. I have both trying to recruit full time workers, but also been in contact with several consulting firms. We will get a front end developer to Swapr sometimes during mid-end May from the Consulting firm ethworks. Iā€™m also trying to help out Mesa finding the team it needs.


  • Product management for Swapr
    • Planning Swapr V1 and V2
    • Managing project on Github
    • Managing developer assignment
    • Testing and Reviewing
    • Team onboarding for new devs
    • Weekly Swapr Meetings
  • UX/UI design for Swapr V1
    • Design and develop a multi-chain bridge
  • UI/UX for DXtrust (shared responsibility together with Geronimo)
  • UI/UX DXvote (shared responsibility together with Geronimo)
  • Support Mesa v2
  • Support Marketing
    • Partnership media
    • Announcement graphics
  • Support Communications
  • Recruiting Developers
    • Interviewing candidates
    • Reaching out to consulting firms

Main Goals

  • Swapr Beta
  • Swapr Arbitrum Launch
  • Swapr V1

Side Goals

  • Refreshed Brand for DXdao
  • New landing page for DXdao

Proof of work



Work period: 22/3 - 22/5

Previous worker proposal


The compensation is submitted according to the Worker Compensation Guidelines v2.4 2

  • Experience Level: 5
  • Full-time - $8,000 USD in DAI
  • $6,000 (DXD) over 24 months with a 12-month cliff. (will be done in a separate proposal.
  • 0.16667%% REP (voting power in DXdao)