Zett Merch and Stipends

Merch and Stipends

I’ll be asking for a total of 4543 USD


Contributor stipend: Following proposed Proposal by Melanie
10 - 24 October, 15 Days = 750 USD
Flight: 300 USD
Liscon Ticket: 200 USD
Covid Tests: 200 USD

Group Food and Drinks Workshop & Hackathon:
Hackathon #1 48 EUR
Hackathon #2 57 EUR
Hackathon #3 46 EUR
Workshop #1 33 EUR

200x Pop sockets + print
400x Webcam covers + print
427 USD (customs and express shipping from china)

100x Holographic Stickers
100x Sticker Sheet
220 EUR

250x T-shirts with print
50x Bucket Hats with print
50x Tote bags with print
Express Delivery
1650 EUR
Added fees for converting from my local currency to EUR.
Added fees for making “Fast SEPA” transfers from my bank to pay for merch.

Feel free to ask questions. Thanks.
/ Zett


Awesome job on all the merch - especially the bucket hats!