Zero-members vs. Zero-managers

There two worth reading essays from our resource list:

Of Bitcoins, Independently Wealthy Software, and the Zero-Member LLC by Shawn Bayern

Company Law and Autonomous Systems: A Blueprint for Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, and Regulators

They are dedicated to autonomous entity in cyberspace. One of the possible methods for this entity to come into legal existence in to go artificially initialize a legal case of creating a zero-member entity (LLC or LLP in some particular situations) with some autonomous operational system inside.

In my understanding it is an interesting intelligible experiment when we want to create, so to say, a legal AI. But when we talk about DAO eliminating the members’ side at all can have less sense, while everyone involved in the decision-making process (holding native DAO tokens or reputation) are exactly members. So, I suppose for DAO case we should think about eliminating (in legal sense) the managers’ side instead.

Let’s put it this way: in a DAO (as a legal entity) there are members but no managers/directors (including general/executive manager/director). All the functions of the executive manager are: (a) carried by the members (through voting) and automatically executed by DAO avatar through smart-contracts or (b) are encoded in some kind of operational system (or protocol), executed automatically (with the help of oracles, for example) and are supervised and governed (can be changed) by the members (through voting).

What do you think about eliminating executive manager from the legal entity at all? Are there any cases of that in some jurisdictions?

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