Your best Genesis moments of 2019 and desires for 2020 🌟

Hi fellow GenDAO members,

2019 sure was one heck of a ride!

Being part of the Genesis DAO ecosystem, we often forget just how revolutionary it is what we’re doing. Submitting proposals to a group of 200+ members scattered all over the world, requesting funds from an entity we barely understand, and hopping on weekly calls with over 20 people in at least 10+ timezones has become “normal”. But it’s not! What we’re doing is truly revolutionary, we’re re-discovering a crucial concept to humanity: organization.

We’re the explorers of the decentralized organization age! :world_map:

As the year is coming to an end, we have a good opportunity to reflect on the best Genesis moments of 2019 (feel free to mention the worst parts too!) and share our desires for 2020.

I praise
The vibrant community we have become
The technological advancements we’ve made
The constructive discourse we can have
The growth of the Genesis ecosystem and the existence of multiple interconnected DAOs
The support from Genesis and DAOstack to the CuraDAO
The creation of the FestDAO
But most of all, the wonderful people I’ve met through Genesis

Best moments
Hosting Innovation Ç

Facilitating a 2-day DAO workshop in Curaçao

Meeting up with the Genesis community during the Berlin Blockchain Week!

Onboarding Youth For Climate Curacao onto ALchemy and funding their Year-End Cleanup!

Worst moments
The pace at which large changes we’re proposed and implemented in the final months of the year.
The amount of politics that arose as a result of it.

Desires for 2020
More human connections
More cross DAO pollination
More collective intelligence
For us to become data-driven and goal-oriented
Less speculation and more creation

Being part of Genesis has been a life-changing experience. I feel blessed for being part of this exceptional group. Thanks to everybody who is part of this ecosystem, you’re amazing!

I want to give a special thank you to @Felipe & @patdaostack for becoming close friends and providing stewardship, care, and motivation.

Let’s continue to explore DAOs and push the limits of human organization :muscle::seedling: