xDXdao Deployment -- Last steps

xDXdao deployment MVP

We’re getting closer to the deployment of xDXdao (DXdao on xDAI), after several discussions in various calls over the past few weeks it seems that the leading narrative for the DAO will be an xDAI DXdao Base. Below you can find a bit more information about what this DAO will do.

If all goes well, the DAO will be deployed on Monday, October 5th, 2020, On Alchemy arcv2 on xDAI. With a Reputation snapshot and removal of all un-remapped gnosis safes (They can add themselves lateR)

Kind reminder that if you have gnosis safe and haven’t mapped your reputation you will have to do this later by yourself.
instructions here below

 How to map your reputation:
 1. Go to https://etherscan.io/address/0x458c390a29c6bed4aec37499b525b95eb0de217d#writeContract
 2. Connect your DXdao wallet
 3. In the topic put:  0xac3e2276e49f2e2937cb1feecb361dd733fd0de8711789aadbd4013a2e0dac14
 which is hashed 'xDAI' 
 4. in the value put your destination ETH address
 5. Cick write

The xDXdao MVP will be focused on:

  • Govern DXdao xDAI products (e.g. Omen xDAI deployment)
    • (Curating Omen Markets?)
  • Faster, cheaper, less secure DAO that holds funds for immediate activities - Paying for bounties, competitions, and ad-hoc payments)
  • Signaling on proposals and decisions, with monthly / quarterly aggregation and ‘Ratification’ on the Main-net DAO. (e.g. Strategy/Signaling DAO)
  • Second iteration:
    • HR-DAO - This DAO is funded Monthly / Quarterly with the compensation budget of DXdao workers, this will significantly reduce gas costs on mainnet and allow the distribution of funds in DAI stable coin instead of ETH.
  • Issues:
    • Reputation separation between xDXdao and DXdao
      • Solution: a monthly / quarterly update of reputation between the two DAOs (can register reputation admin to the DXdao, or for this to be done manually)
      • Update process Manually -->
        • Understand how much the rep balance change in the other network and add that manually every quarter.
        • DXdao Rep mint (Q2 xDXdao Rep balance - Q1 xDXdao rep snapshot)
        • xDXdao Rep mint (Q2 DXdao Rep balance - Q1 DXdao rep snapshot)
    • Transferring funds between the DAO, at the moment there is no ‘trustless’ way of sending funds between the chains
      • Solution: A few individuals (multisig?) will ask for the funds in a new account, and transfer the full amount to the xDXdao (ETH -> DAI -> xDAI -> xDXdao)

To do / To discuss

  • Proposal to Transfer funds from DXdao to xDXdao - 10k USD to start with
  • Finalize Reputation mapping
  • Finalize DAO goals outlined in this Document (Governance call @Powers)

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ok i think i did it :+1:

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Adding feedback from the Governance call, for the time being the DAO will be called Xdao for simplicity.
Below I also drafted a Q4 OK-Rs for the Xdao which I believe will be beneficial for Xdao, plus I’m hoping this management / goal setting practice would continue to other DXdao initiatives.

  • Additional MVP focus is to be a ‘Test-DAO’ for any DXdao products, after testnet and before going live on mainnet
  • Q) Whether the xDAI DAO distributes reputation?
    • Personally I think that yes, we can change the decision on this at later point

Q4 2020 Xdao OK-Rs

Goal: To move most of the operational ongoing activity (non-mainnet-required activities) onto Xdao.
A second layer solution with lower gas costs and the ‘stablecoin’ for transactions can be a competitive advantage for DXdao products and an Omen deployment is low hanging-fruit in that regard.

The parameters used to quantify DAO activity is:

  • Number of Gas paying transactions (GPT)
  • Unique Gas paying users (uGPU)


  • Create an xDAI base for product experimentation and governance of DXdao xDAI deployed contracts.
    • KR:
      • Successfully deploy an DXdao copy on xDAI and lower the parameters according to DXdao’s decision.
      • Govern 1 DXdao protocol (experimentation or xDAI deployment).
  • Hot wallet: Cheaper gas, funding related DAO decisions, and easier participation.
    • KR:
      • Create 10 unique competitions (Bounties, competitions, social consensus agreements)
      • December Xdao GPT > DXdao GPT
      • December xDAO uGPU 80% of DXdao
      • Move 25% of worker payment proposals to xDAO
  • Create with a good user experience in navigating two separate DAOs.
    • KR:
      • Create a solution for the separate DAO reputation mapping and updating
      • Create an UX solution to view and participate in both DAOs

xDai mapping successful

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As a note for anyone else that still needs to map, the mapping is not automatic, and this first step is just to basically be able to prove that you wrote to the contract with your main chain address. Next step is to make a proposal in xDXdao alchemy that follows this template:

Map REP from mainnet
Mapping tx https://etherscan.io/tx/0xad56f1e4e3afe21def5ca5da33e4265a61b7f260d1e72020169bb349c07d9314
Mainnet address 0x0031ce5920CBe1E600113D14cA06aC6596fe7466
xDAI address 0x71C95151C960AA3976B462Ff41adB328790F110D

Also remember that on the alchemy input field for the REP you are requesting it MUST BE INTEGER AMOUNT OF REP TOKENS you hold on mainnet as opposed to your percentage of total rep.

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Thank’s, it worked although the system created several proposals. The one which is boosted is the preferred one :slight_smile:


What happened though? why did it create several proposals? Did metamask get stuck and then show all the transactions at once?

Yes, unfortunately that’s exactly what happened^^