Would it be possible to implement a one person one vote system?

On December 31st, the community member Yalda Mousavinia (@stellarmagnet) asked if it would be possible to implement a one person one vote system using DAOstack’s governance protocol. A synthesis of the answer provided by DAOstack’s architect Matan Field is:

“Meritocratic voting is at the base of what we do, which come from the assumption that this is the basis for much more successful governance system (why should the best governance system be reflected by 1 vote per 1 person ? Are all people equal in their ability to make professional decisions? about any topic?). But the DAOstack governance system is general purpose. Which means you can implement on it any type of governance system, meritocratic or not. That’s the beauty of it, and that was the original thought behind it. If you like 1-person-1-vote, you can implement that as a plug in (although for that purpose you’d need to develop first the identity verification protocols). Others can play with meritocracies. And if some like plutocracies (votes weighted by tokens) they can implement them as well.
One needs to “turn meritocracy on” in a way and there’s already a bunch of working schemes which will probably meet all common purposes. If not, we can make a little tweak to one of them that will serve specific needs (which would mean we would have another governance system out of the box).
There’s no bias towards one or the other, and rather the (advanced) users themselves will dictate the evolution of the DAO stack and the natural selection of governance systems. Successful governance systems will lead into successful organizations (which will survive and thrive), and unsuccessful ones will die out. We’re putting out the basic DNA for that evolution process."