Workers Compensation Proposal Draft - Ingalandia, Sept-Oct 2020

Requesting compensation for my contributions to business development, ecosystem development, marketing, and product governance, during the months of September & October.

Social Media Milestones:
Twitter Management
Rails breaks 800 followers
DXdao breaks 3000 followers
Mesa breaks 1000 followers
Omen breaks 2000 followers

Telegram Management
DXdao breaks 2000 followers
Omen breaks 300 followers
Mesa breaks 300 followers

Content & Marketing

Omen Updates Blog
Omen Authereum Announcement Article

Collaborated with Chen on producing Mesa listing guidelines

Reimagine 2020 appearance (not counting livestream views)

Rails Launch Article

Edited Rails Pre-Launch Article


Creating agendas for, and facilitating the Monday weekly BizDev calls.

Web3API partnership - Proposed an MOU to sign that would result in the exploration of using and giving feedback on the web3 tooling.

Aluna Social partnership - Facilitated and led the proposal of marketing collaboration between Aluna’s social trading platform & ALN token with Mesa and DXdao, with an agreement of exploration of further product integration.

Coordinated with Rails Launch, with coordinated retweets by Alex Saunders and Anthony Sassano

Proposed to set Swapr default fee at .25% - Best positioning the product to have agreeable default fees for every new trading pair.

Presented DXswap for DAO Rush Week

Facilitated Etherisc Appearance & Listing - Introduced the CEO of Etherisc on a BD call and facilitated consensus on the listing of DIP on Mesa

PlotX Introduction and ongoing conversation regarding governance as a service and integration with their prediction markets platform.

Helped coordinate introduction and proposal of listing Fuse token on Mesa by having Mark on our BD call

Listing of DXdao on DeFi Rate

Ecosystem development- Brought Jikun Liao as a DXdao developer

1.75 months at Level 4 pay, due to less availability in October.
$12,250 in ETH
$8,750 in DXD
.32% REP

Feedback on these numbers would be appreciated.