Worker Proposal: zeroX: Nico (LATE)

This worker proposal covers my commitment for the last few months. I’m sorry to be yet another contributor who submits his worker proposal late. I’m aware of the current discussion of punishing late worker proposals and applied a penalty that I think is fair. I’m happy to discuss the penalty if needed.

Timeframe and Scope


February 1st to May 15th, 2021


  • Aqua:
    • Help formalize the vision of the Aqua product together with Martin.
    • Designing the Aqua protocol & technical infrastructure
    • Development of the protocol MVP, focused on Smart Contracts
    • Help onboarding & supporting new developers
  • DXdao Governance Platform:
    • Installation of new governance schemes in order to interact flexibel with external protocols
    • Finalization, deployment & test-run of Swapr Liquidity relayer
    • Finalization, deployment & test-run of Gnosis Protocol relayer
    • Maintain & updates of DXdao proposal security bot
  • Omen
    • Finalization, deployment & test-run of the Omen Arbitrator Contract

Proof of work:




  • Experience Level: 5
  • Time commitment: Full-time 100%
  • 28,000 26,600 DAI: For 3,5 months of work at level 5 to be paid in one retroactive payout proposal.
  • 40 DXD ($21,000 based on the all-time high of DXD of $523.77): Vested for 2 years with a 1 year cliff starting August 1st, 2021.0
  • REP: As a penalty for submitting the worker proposal late, I don’t request any REP.

Applied penalties:

  • I’m not asking for any REP
  • 5% cut on the stablecoin payment

Past Worker Proposals

Worker Proposal 01/2021

Worker Proposal 07/2021

Next Worker Proposal

I reduced my working capacity & took time off between May 16th and June 30rd and won’t submit a worker proposal for this period. My next worker proposal will cover Juli & forward with reduced capacity – DAOalk post coming.


Thanks Nico for posting this.
Nico has been a very valuable contributor to DXdao for a solid period of time.

A couple things:

  • I think you might need to edit the DXD reference price. The DXdao standard is to use the all-time high price in USD terms.
  • I feel that Nico deserves to earn REP for his contributions to DXdao. He is exactly the type of individual in the space that DXdao should want to have REP in the hands of.

For me, the precedent of splitting up pay and REP for contribution to DXdao that has recently been implemented is VERY negative for the health of DXdao.

To make it VERY clear, I do not support withholding REP for valuable contributors to DXdao.


Thanks @sky! Just modified the amounts in the post above.

I also agree with Sky. Distributing REP for valuable contributions to DXdao is core to DXdao’s mission of decentralization. DXdao should be actively encouraging REP issuance.

DXdao (and DXD holders) have benefited from Nico’s work over this period. The GP Relayer that Nico built has facilitated almost $1m in DXD purchases on both xDai and Mainnnet. Plus the Swapr Liquidity Relayer (also built by Nico) has helped DXdao deposit more than $3m trustlessly into Swapr.

Plus Aqua, the governance refunds and introducing DXdao to Tenderly!

This seems to me to be worth at least 0.5% of mainnet REP.