Worker Proposal - Wiki Integration - July 2020 - Pepo

Warning: There are two proposals, the one you should vote on is this one.


From 13/07/2020 to 31/08/2020, 7 weeks.


  • Improve the Underscore Protocol (_Prtcl) Wiki integration into Alchemy to show the changes that will be applied to the wiki when a dxDAO member votes on it (this is currently a missing feature of the integration).
  • Integrate an OrbitDB Service Provider to replace the current HTTP one, letting Ethereum accounts store, share and govern their own perspectives of the Wiki on IPFS in a fully decentralized manner.
  • Extend the dxDAO landing page to use js-uprtcl library to read the dxDAO Wiki’s content, and add an IPFS Gateway configuration option.


  • Release a version of the dxDAO app to that includes the Wiki and can be used by DAO members to keep their own perspective of it and update the common on through formal DAO proposals

You can check this demo to see the prototype in action, and check the screenshots below to see its integration on dxDAO.

Work has already started, ideally all of the work can be done in 7 weeks


  • 5,833.00 USD to be paid in ETH. 40% (2,333.00 USD) paid in advance at proposal acceptance and 60% (3,500,00 USD) paid after its delivery.
  • 3,000 REP, to be issued together with the final payment.

The compensation is submitted according to the guidelines for a DXdao worker with Senior level experience and a commitment level of 1.

This is the first work done by github:pepoospina for dxDAO. Pepo is an experienced developer with Intermediate knowledge of DAOstack infrastructure, including Alchemy and Arc, and Expert knowledge of the _Prtcl Wiki infrastructure.

Worker Experience

DXdao Experience


Examples of the current status of the integration


Hi Pepo
I think the a wiki feature is super important for DXdao and the dao should fund this development!
Would really like to see a roadmap that leads to the longer term vision of task management and budgeting apps.


That sounds like the perfect next step after we finish the current work package. I will have something ready and share it soon.

Our tech is designed to handle different data types so we are prepared for and looking forward to it.

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Hi there!

I’d like to be paid for the work on the Wiki done so far. I’ll still be giving support and fixing issues.

As mentioned on the dev call our plan is to continue developing the wiki as a key element of dxDAO governance and beyond (for other DAOs and the DAOs to come). Still, dxDAO funds are very useful right now. They are going directly to cover our project expenses (one UX designed and one developer who are helping with _Prtcl dev) and right now this payment would be of much help.

The original worker compensation was planned to be 3,500 USD, but I’m adding another two weeks of work for the integration of the Wiki on alchemy 2.0 and xDAI. This results in a total payment of 5,166 USD. I’m using the same rate of 833 USD per week.

What do you think? Should I go on and make the proposal on mainnet?

Ping @AugustoL @cmagan

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Sounds good to me!, twenty characters.

Proposal created! Thanks

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Just that you know. I’ve voted and boosted myself. Holographic consensus in place?

Hey there. Here is an update on the status of this work.

The integration is ready to be used on xDAI but is compatible with Arc V2. Unfortunately, dxDAO decided on the last minute to use V1 instead of V2 and so some of the work needs to be adapted for the final dxDAO DAO to have its own wiki. This will probably take two weeks of work.

Right now I’m in the process of planing a longer term relation with dxDAO and so this is where my focus is at for a few days more.