Worker Proposal - Venky - 02/2021 to 03/2021

Timeframe: 15 Feb 2020 to 31 Mar 2020

I have been actively involved in DXdao and I am hoping that I will be able to commit part time (20 hours a week) to DXdao and its launches in the coming 6 weeks. Since I am also working full time on a day job, most of the time spent will be in the evenings and weekends.

What I had been working on so far:

OKRs for DXdao

Testing Swapr for release 1.0.0 Alpha2 and created few issues and feature requests. List here

Fixed issues related to Dxdao landing page. PR here

Creating a draft process for lead to sales flow in MESA as discussed in the DxBiz call on 01 Feb 2021.

Responsibilities for the time Feb and March:

For the 6 weeks, I hope to be able to contribute towards performing QA on DxDao products.

Test the PRs and new release candidates for our products Mesa, Omen and Swapr.

I have never done any testing on Smart Contracts, I would prefer not to test anything with smart contracts until I understand how to test them if needed.

I will also be spending a considerable amount of time on the DxBiz initiatives. To list a few,

Continue working on OKRs, make sure a template is established for biweekly OKR check ins.

Develop and define a process along with Sky and Martin for Lead to sales flow in MESA. To do this, I would probably want to understand the product better and I guess doing QA would only help me there.

Also, spend time with Mesa and structure them with agile delivery setup.


I would consider myself a Level 4 in project, release and product management.

Time commitment: 20 hours a week for the next 6 weeks.

At end of 6 weeks,

As a Level 4, Base salary - $7000 and DXD - $5000

For first 2 weeks trial,

Base - $7000 * 0.5(weeks) * 0.5 (hours / week) * 0.5(trial) = $875 in USDC

DXD - $5000 *0.125 (from calc above) = $750

REP - 0.0417% (prorated for the 50% time)

For the next 4 weeks,

Base - $7000 * 0.5 (20 hours / wk) = $3500 in USDC

DXD - $5000 * 0.5 = $2500

REP - 0.1333%