Worker proposal v2 - 26/10/2020 to 25/12/2020 - luzzifoss


From 26/10/2020 to 25/12/2020, two full months.


Product management for Rails: Rails v1 has seen its first iteration released. It will be my priority to act upon any feedback received and resolve any errors that could eventually arise from the product’s usage. I’d also like to start working on a v2, with some interesting features and a redeisgn to accommodate such features (the current UI is not really that flexible).

Active DXswap development: I’ve recently started working on DXswap and I’d like to keep things going. I could help on the redesign implementation front (dapp and SDK-related work), while at the same time having a look at smart contract-related pull requests and developments in general.


Having read the DXdao compensation guidelines, I think considering myself at a level 4 experience would be appropriate.
I’d like to become a full time dxer, so that would mean I’d be able to get 7k USD worth of ETH/month and and additional 5k USD/month worth of DXD.
In total, over two months, that amounts to 14k USD worth of ETH and 10k USD worth of DXD.
I’d like the ETH-related sum to be paid once per month. The price at which ETH is given out should be based on the month-average. Example:

  • 7k USD worth of ETH given out at a price got by getting the average between the closing day price of ETH on October 26th and November 25th.
  • 7k USD worth of ETH given out at a price got by getting the average between the closing day price of ETH on November 26th and December 25th.

Historical, day closure price data can be seen on CoinGecko, and used to calculate the average over the given period of time.

DXD price would be decided from simply looking at DXtrust here
The DXD should then be put in a vesting contract, with a 2-year lockup period, and a 1-year cliff. The vesting start date should ideally be the start of my working period, so 26/10/2020.
It will be my responsibility to deploy the vesting contract on mainnet during the 2-month working period, set up accordingly to what stated above.
The single payment can be given out starting from December 26th.


I’ve worked 4 years as a full stack developer in my full-time job, plus various side-projects in my spare time which anyone can consult on my GitHub page here. Won the Loopring Pay UI’s bounty to develop a new UI for the Loopring Pay protocol (which is now Rails) and won the Gnosis Fork the World Hackathon with an Aragon app trying to improve Aragon-based DAOs’ decision-making process through the use of prediction markets.
Previously worked for the DAO to ship Rails, and helped on DXswap’s development.


Sounds good to me. Great to have you on board Frederico!

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Looks great @luzzifoss.

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Hi Frederico,

thank you for this proposal. For your previous engagement with dxDAO is there any way for the community to judge whether certain goals were achieved? Is there a recap or something like this?

I am asking because working 2 months for 24k USD worth with a very vague job description sounds a bit like the DAO is overpaying. Are there any accountability frameworks the DAO usually uses?
Also, does the DAO already have these vesting contracts in place? Why don’t you want to commit to working for a longer period vs just two months? Can you link to your GitHub page? There’s currently no link in your description. Do you still have your full-time job and this is just a side project?

I hope this comment doesn’t come across as too negative, I do think that the compensation could be appropriate, but it’s very hard to judge on a two-paragraph description. This is my first comment in dxDAO and I may need to get used to how things are done.

Whoops, sorry, just saw this. To answer your questions:

  • Rails was entirely developed by me and was released during the last worker proposal I’ve submitted. You can find the source code and the activity on it on my GitHub page (linked below). Development and release in the last stages was coordinated through the dedicated #Rails channel on Keybase.
  • Afaik, deploying the DXD vesting contracts has always been a responsibility of the one which is asking for DXD itself. How it’s done (and the contract which is used) can be found here. I know that there are plans to have a single contract coordinating all the worker vestings across the DAO, but don’t know how far we’ve gotten on this honestly.
  • It’s not like I don’t want to commit for a longer time period. I’ve actually left my previous full-time job entirely to come work for the DXdao, but I thought since this is in fact my first experience with the DAO full-time at all, I would settle for two months of commitment. I have no doubt in my mind that if everything goes well I will have other commitments in the future. Plus, two months seems to be a pretty standard commitment duration.
  • My GitHub page is here:
  • As I’ve written above, I’ve left my previous full-time job to join the DAO full-time.

Edit: forgot to mention that through my GitHub page you can also see my contributions to the DXswap dapp, on which I’ve mainly worked on lately