Worker Proposal (Pulpmachina 12/12/20 - 1/12/21)

Time Frame: 12/10/2020 - 01/10/2021, 1 month (trial period).

Position: Governance Ambassador, open position posted here.

Background: We spoke with @jpcambridge, @powers, and members of the DXdao community during a recent governance meeting regarding filling the position of governance ambassador. We are two people seeking a full-time position that would be split 50/50, for a total of 40 hours per week. Interest in filing this position relates to our combined backgrounds as crypto investors and legal researchers, and our engagement with the DXdao community.

We’d appreciate your feedback on the proposal, and want to discuss specific governance issues that you wish to see addressed. It’s an exciting time for DXdao, and we’re looking forward to contributing to its growth.


Specific Projects

  • Research and prepare reports on DXdao voting trends for future DXdao governance initiatives.
    • Areas of interest include prioritizing proposal engagement, REP distribution to underrepresented stakeholders, voter participation, moving towards more decentralized governance processes, streamlining worker compensation and renewal processes.
  • Conduct worker and community surveys on improvements to current governance structure, KPIs by role (technical vs. non-technical), and signaling-to-on-chain-voting processes.
  • Update Worker Proposal format for new workers versus workers renewing contracts to show KPIs met.

General / Goals

  • Research governance initiatives for DeFi projects that DXdao is providing governance-as-a-service to and present findings and recommendations.
  • Coordinate with the community to research and explore new governance capabilities for the DXdao itself.
  • Support organization around and execution of Governance 2.0 initiatives.
  • Coordination with DAOstack on governance platform regarding front-end related issues to improve clarity in on-chain voting process.


Experience Level: 4

We believe our experience level places us within level 5, but in good faith, we would like to prove our worth at level 4 first. Depending on responsibilities and feedback from the DAO, we may raise our experience level to 5 for future months.

Full-time (two people holding two (2) part-time roles, 50/50 for total of 40 hours per week), second month:

  • $6,300 (ETH) (90% of $7,000), 50% to be paid once the proposal gets approved and 50% on or after 1/12/2021 when the work agreement finishes.
  • $4,500 (DXD) (90% of $5,000). $2,250 (DXD) vested at 1 year, and $2,250 (DXD) vested after the first year on a linear schedule.
  • 0.1667% REP

We’ve been contributing for the past two (2) months through DAOtalk topic posts, meeting participation, and Keybase / Telegram discussions. We’d request that this time waives the first month of the trial / ramp-up period, as described in the current worker proposal guidelines.

In case of any change in the compensation guidelines during this work period, the amounts of the compensation in this proposal will be adjusted to match the latest one from the agreed worker compensation guidelines.

Work Experience:

  • Licensed attorney admitted to the California State Bar, Central District of California, and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • Practice Areas: business litigation, corporations formation and funding, white collar, federal investigations, public relations management regarding legal matters.

  • 10 years experience in academic / legal research and writing.

    • Judicial Clerkship, Central District of California.
    • Published author: academic law journal, legal newspapers, and academic textbooks. Topics include international & comparative law, finance, macroeconomics, and constitutional law.
    • Grant writer: submitted proposals and quarterly reports to state and federal agencies regarding success of innovative government programs.
  • 5 years experience as a crypto investor, trader and market maker / liquidity provider.

DXdao Experience:

If you have any questions about either of our qualifications or joint role, please reach out here or on keybase.


Thanks for the proposal. I think these are important gaps for the community to fill. The discussion on ‘improving communication’ typically focuses on how we communicate to those unfamiliar with DXdao, but we also need to focus on ‘internal communication’, documenting processes so that workers have more clarity and can work more productively. I think Pulp can help with this + provide a strategic voice(s) across products and governance.

To start the discussion on governance areas to work on:

  • Worker Guideline updates, onboarding and other “HR” like processes to be documented
  • An overhaul of the Governance Guidebook, and more documentation on how exactly DXdao governance works (on-chain and informal)
  • Forum Structure - the forum is the greatest source of information, but we should explore potentially a forum.dxdao.eth and other integrations (like SourceCred)

Obviously, pseudonymity represents some challenges for the community to effectively evaluate this worker proposal, but as was discussed on the Governance discussion last week, DXdao values workers for their contributions, and pseudonymous workers expand the potential labor market and make DXdao more anti-fragile.

What’s needed is “Proof of Work” and I think @pulpmachina has proven their worth over the last two months to the community, by showing up on calls, in the forums and in keybase, making key contributions to Swapr and governance discussions.

Lastly, on the specifics

  • Typically a worker proposal post would be 2 months, with the 1st month at 75% of 1 month’s comp and then the 2nd month at 90%. I think this is just for 1 month? Establishing community guidelines on these would be helpful!
  • I agree with your thoughts on the Level 4/5. I believe you can provide value at 5 but it’s tough for the community to fully evaluate that. This may be due to what Sky mentioned that ‘Pseudonymous workers are held to a higher bar’

In agreeance with @Powers, @pulpmachina has been overtly attentive and has provided valuable contributions/input. I am looking forward to collaborating with the two of you on internal initiatives such as guidelines and onboarding!


To be completely transparent, we wanted to let everyone know that we updated our worker proposal to reflect that we would be asking for 50% of compensation to be paid once the proposal gets approved and 50% on or after 1/12/2021 when the work agreement finishes. The original post stated that the total amount would be paid at the end of the work agreement period.