Worker Proposal Pulp Machina (1.12.21 - 3.12.21)

Time Frame: 1/12/2021 - 03/12/2021, 2 months.

Position: Governance Ambassador, continuing in this role.

Background: We finished a trial period of one (1) month in the position of governance ambassador from 12/12/20 - 1/12/21. In this position, we have been largely working with @powers and @keenanL on governance and internal communication initiatives, along with other DXdao contributors.

COMPLETED PROJECTS: During the past 1.5 months (since this proposal is about 2 weeks late), we’ve completed the following responsibilities:

  • Contributor Guidelines – Draft and circulate the Contributor Guidelines, along with various how-to documentation on submitting worker proposals and onboarding new contributors. This document acts as a type of “contributor handbook” to inform members of DXdao on compensation, work culture, and policies. The Contributor Guidelines will be put to a proposal on Alchemy this week.
  • Governance Descriptions for Resource Book – Draft Governance descriptions for the DXdao Document Book – in coordination with @keenanl, we’ve been putting together a wiki and documentation book for new contributors and the general public to learn about DXdao and how to engage with governance and our products. This info will also eventually be available on DXdao’s landing page.
  • Contributor Covenant – Research standards of conduct for DXdao online forums. We shared the Contributor Covenant, which has been ratified by various DAOs, on how moderators engage with the community. We’ll be doing a post on DAOtalk about this to see community interest in ratifying a Contributor Covenant.
  • Governance 2.0 Organizational Assistance – prepared spreadsheet on Governance 2.0 presentations to assist community in coming to a consensus on DXdao’s new governance structure.
  • Light Mesa IDO research – attempted to participate in various IDOs in order to gain a user experience perspective for Mesa and provide informal feedback to DXdao contributors.
  • Swapr Positioning Spreadsheet – prepared positioning spreadsheet regarding Strategy for Swapr.
  • Research for DXdao’s buyback program.
  • Editing Omen’s Market Validation Rules – In consideration of the arbitration that occurred for one of the Omen markets, DXdao contributors thought it’s time to clarify Omen’s market validation rules. Did a first edit of the rules, but want to go into more detail with this and submit updated rules for the DXdao community’s approval.

SELF EVALUATION: The following is a self-evaluation on what we’ve done well, okay, and not well based on our last worker proposal found here:

  • Did Well: Produced good internal communication documentation to streamline processes. Specifically, got through the Contributor Guidelines, Governance documentation information, and routinely included community feedback on these projects. Researched some strategy issues for DXdao that we’ll continue to take a role in.

  • Did Okay: While we did some research on what other projects are doing as far as governance initiatives as well as our own internal governance practices, this was largely informal. We want to make it a larger priority to produce more documentation of how DXdao is doing regarding key parameters on governance, and hopefully produce some articles – in coordination with @powers – regarding DXdao’s governance initiatives to make DXdao’s unique governance system more known to the crypto community.

  • Needs Improvement: Need to start doing surveys on squad peer performance reviews. Based on some comments in DAOtalk of late, it seems the community thinks this is a priority. We agree, and we’ll make it more of a priority to establish a performance review system for contributors.


  • Research and prepare articles on DXdao voting initiatives and trends
    • Areas of interest include proposal streamlining, voter engagement, Governance 2.0, staking as used in governance.
  • Conduct worker and community surveys on improvements to current governance structure, KPIs by role (technical vs. non-technical), and signaling-to-on-chain-voting processes.
  • DXdao Buyback research
  • Omen Guild governance research regarding ERC20 Guilds and which system works best for Omen
  • Updated Omen market validation rules
  • Governance & economic research on staking


  • Research governance initiatives for DeFi projects that DXdao is providing governance-as-a-service to and present findings and recommendations.
  • Coordinate with the community to research and explore new governance capabilities for the DXdao itself.
  • Support organization around and execution of Governance 2.0 initiatives.


Experience Level: 4

We believe our experience level places us within level 5, but in good faith, we would like to further prove our worth at level 4. Depending on responsibilities and feedback from DXdao, we may raise our experience level to 5 for future months.

Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (1.12.21 - 3.12.21):

  • $14,000 (ETH) 50% to be paid once the proposal gets approved and 50% on or after 3/12/2021 when the work agreement finishes.
  • $10,000 (DXD). $5,000 (DXD) vested at 1 year, and $5,000 (DXD) vested after the first year on a linear schedule.
  • 0.3334% REP

We joined DXdao as a full-time contributor as of 12/12/20. Prior to this, we’d been contributing for the past two (2) months through DAOtalk topic posts, meeting participation, and Keybase / Telegram discussions. See our list of posts here.

In case of any change in the compensation guidelines during this work period, the amounts of the compensation in this proposal will be adjusted to match the latest one from the agreed worker compensation guidelines.