Worker Proposal / Pritam Roy/ 06/01/21- 06/02/21

Reponsibilities -

Front-end development for feature requests on the Omen UI and subgraph integrations.
During the first two weeks I will be responsible for testing and merging the compound token market integration into the mainline branch as specified in my draft pull request below.

Time Commitment-

Part time, minimum 20 hours/week. Flexible with a high probability that I will work for more than 20 hours/week.

Developer experience-

8 years of professional full-stack development experience.
3+ years of experience working with Ethereum/web3 projects as a consultant as well as hackathons and bounties.

Educational Qualifications-

Master in Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Melon University

Portfolio links-





DXDao experience-

Pull request for Compound integration with Omen markets allowing market token holders to earn passive interest on their pooled tokens.

Worker compensation-

Based on the worker compensation guidelines at

I am at experience level 5 and am requesting 3000 USD in ETH and 2250 USD in DXD tokens and 0.0625% REP as 50% compensation for the first 2 weeks of work (75% of the compensation amount) for 20 hours of work and the remaining 50% to be paid at the end of this period.


I had a call with @roy2407 who worked and just finished our gitcoin bounty to integrate into Omen ( which is currently in review. In the process of finishing the bounty, @roy2407 was honest, and communicated professionally. He was able to quickly get an understanding of the gnosis-proxy-kit, the conditional token framework and the omen frontend.

I support your proposal and looking forward working with you.