Worker Proposal / Martin Krung / 24.11 - 24-12


1 month, 24/11/2020 - 24/12/2020, Full-Time, (from 24-31.12 partly offline during holidays)

I’m in for the long run, but I did not have yet a trial period. I apply for 1 month and will propose a 2-month period in 2021.


Last few weeks I talked/research/think about the Mesa IDO strategy and there has been a broad agreement from the DXdao to start the implementation. I started working full time on tuesday 24.11.2020 after present for about 2-3 weeks in calls and chats.

This year I got know as the “Inventor” of the vampire attack, the theory and name (pre sushiswap). This made my twitter followers jump from 500 to ~3000. But in fact I’m just a crypto OG, around since 2011 and I did put a lot of effort into thinking about blockchain.

More about my background in the CV

Connection to DXdao

  • Took part in initial rep distribution in spring 2019 own ~ 0.17% REP from back then
  • Used DuchX
  • Provided liquidity for mesa
  • Chris invited me in a DXdao call around August. (Mostly because my AMM expertise, I guess)

Motivation to join

  • I’m a crypto native and active since 2011 - it’s time to go crypto for living
  • Working for the DXdao is a dream job. Crypto is my passion since almost 9 years
  • I like to build great products together with others
  • I’m well-connected in the crypto space, I want to bring this network to work for the DXdao


  • Product Owner/Manger for Mesa
  • Coordination work on Mesa UX with devs/UX Design
  • Provide feedback for Mesa on the gitcoin hackathon
  • Coordination with gnosis about further development gnosis protocol
  • Embed Mesa in a overall product strategy
  • Consult on projects doing IDO
  • Collect feedback from projects doing IDOs and end-user
  • Reporting back to DXdao
  • Research on competing protocols
  • Take part in bizDev
  • On-board new workers for mesa IDO

Goals this month

  • Develop a strategy/roadmap for Mesa IDO
  • Make personas and user stories for Mesa IDO
  • Find an agreement with gnosis about responsibilities in the future
  • Start adaption for Mesa IDO frontend
  • Start of standardization of Service for IDO Projects

Long Term/More

  • Establish agile project management for Mesa IDO
  • Start a weekly 1h mesa IDO call
  • Take over Mesa deployment from LevelK
  • Enhance Documentation for Mesa IDO
  • Spread the word about DXdao over my personal twitter account
  • Helping research/develop new products
  • Help to develop a vision for DXdao
  • Help with decentralized infrastructure research/testing
  • Start to learn smart contract development, if needed

My area of interest in crypto

CV in short

  • Left my co-owned web-agency because I got bored and had to move on (, March 2020)
  • Scrum Product Owner/Scrum Master (2020)
  • Build up and managing director for my co-owner web-agency. (2006-2020)
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Innovation Engineering (2013)
  • A family man, having a daughter born 2012
  • Crypto since 2011: BTC, ETH, ICO Wave, DEFI (It’s my 4 cycle)
  • Full-Stack Dev JavaScript/Python/PHP/HTML/CSS/SQL (1999-2020)
  • Linux guy for 20 years, desktop and web-server
  • I studied media art, we made art with code and internet (1998-2003)
  • Mathematical and scientific gymnasium 1998 (Until 21y)

IT/Code 15-20 years experience

  • Linux Desktop/Server
  • Javascript/Python/PHP
  • DNS/Domains

About Martin Krung

Martin Krung is my internet persona since 20 years and I will stick with this because in crypto everyone knows me under this name. (For my other me, just look at

If anyone wants to make a background check, you can talk to one of my old partners on my former web-agency. I left on good terms. (


My compensation in accordance with the worker guidelines

Experience Level: 5

Full-time, first month:

  • $6,000 (ETH) (75% of $8,000). (Paid after first month)
  • $4,500 (DXD) (75% of $6,000). $2,250 (DXD) vested for 1 year, and $2,250 (DXD) vested for 2 years. (2020-12-01 as the starting date of the vesting)
  • 0.1667% REP

If you have any question about my or my role just contact me on keybase or comment here.


It’s been great to have you participating in DXdao the past few weeks.

Looking forward to having you be a full-time contributor to DXdao. Mesa IDO is a complex idea with big potential and your experience seems like the perfect mix of expertise for tackling such a unique cross-disciplinary project.

I am also looking forward to having you involved in other initiatives around product strategy, governance and BizDev as well.

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Martin has already been a great presence in keybase and on calls, and I’m excited by the vision and plan he has laid out for Mesa.

And as Sky said, it will be great to have his perspective across DXdao products and governance too.

I plan to support this proposal.