Worker Proposal - Jordan/amphiboly - 05/15 to 08/01

Jordan Worker Proposal [May 15 - August 1]

My name is Jordan (amphiboly on Keybase, the forum, etc) and I’m excited to be considered as a contributor for DXdao. I have experience as an illicit finance analyst specializing in Iranian WMD and ballistic missile procurement networks. I’m currently Director of Product at a start-up in the national security space where I design data products used by organizations to identify and mitigate risk related to sanctions, export controls, supply chains, cryptocurrency and political influence operations.

Over the next 2.5 months, I believe I can contribute in two areas: (i) helping @tammypulp research, develop, and implement a compliance program (80%), (ii) documenting and providing operational support for Omen marketing initiatives, such as the proposed Omen Markets Competition (20%).

I have discussed supporting Tammy’s compliance initiative with Tammy and Melanie and discussed supporting Omen marketing initiatives (broadly) with Geronimo.

I have begun contributing ideas and feedback on Omen marketing initiatives (i.e. here) and will continue to learn more about Omen.

I propose a 2.5 month timeframe for this contract.

Compliance Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Develop comprehensive understanding of DXdao suite of projects to identify areas of potential exposure to KYC/AML/Sanctions risk
  • Research how KYC/AML/Sanctions regulations apply to DAOs versus traditional VASPs
  • Educate and engage with community on nature and degree of compliance-related risks faced by DXdao to inform community discussions on compliance-related policies and procedures
  • Develop requirements around tools and data DXdao can use to screen funds and counter-parties (to extent agreed upon by community), and engage with potential vendors with Tammy as needed
  • Use experience as illicit finance analyst to develop investigative workflows community can use to evaluate potential service providers and counter-parties, and conduct investigations as needed
  • Design and implement case management system for reviewing and adjudicating potentially illicit activity involving DXdao’s products

Omen Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Create spreadsheet memorializing potential marketing initiatives, to include budget / level of effort estimates
  • Provide administrative / operational / research support to Omen marketing initiatives (i/e Community Markets Competition) as needed


Between my experience as an illicit finance analyst and a Product Manager at a RegTech company with a crypto compliance offering, I believe I qualify for Contributor Level 4.

I can confidently commit 15 hours a week to DXdao.

Trial Period (2 weeks, 15 hours a week, Level 4)

  • Focus exclusively on compliance research in coordination with Tammy.
  • Memorialize findings and share with the community on the DXdao forum.
  • $7,000 * .375 * .5 / 2 = $656

Main Contract (2 months, 15 hours a week, Level 4)

  • Compliance goals outlined above
  • Omen marketing goals outlined above
  • $7,000 * .375 * .8 * 2 = $4,200

Total ETH amount: $4,856, $2756 up front (trial period + 1/2 of main contract), remainder sent following completion of contract.

Total DXD amount: $4,687 (5000 * .375 * 2.5)

Total REP: .175% first 1.5 months, .1333% after second month.

Relevant Work Experience:

  • 3+ years of experience as illicit finance analyst focusing on Iran
  • 3+ years of product management experience, leading the design, development, and operationalization of data products used to identify and mitigate illicit finance related risk for financial institutions, multinationals, and government organizations
  • Represent company in educational webinars conducted with partners including consulting firms, blockchain analysis firms, and law enforcement agencies
  • Abortive blog on illicit finance related issues in crypto:


Thank you everyone for your consideration!


I’m looking forward to working with Jordan to establish a compliance program that fits DXdao’s unique needs. We’ll have more information on suggestions regarding issues like blockchain analysis in the near future, and would appreciate hearing from the community on these questions.


Worker proposal retrospective

Period: 2021-05-15 / 2021-08-01

Position: Contributor


(+) Successfully completed preliminary analysis of REP holders and DXdao treasury, memorialized findings in a report. This included pulling all REP holder addresses and addresses of wallets that participated in the DXD bonding curve, screening them with blockchain investigations software, breaking down the results by risk score, and manually investigating wallet addresses the software scored as risky.

(-) Struggled to generate useful analysis on LPs to Omen. When I began, I was unable to query several relevant contracts in Dune Analytics (was receiving a permission denied error that no one was able to decipher). About a month and a half later I was able to query the contracts, but struggled to associate the addresses emitted by the contracts with the party ultimately responsible for effectuating the transactions. I asked for help from several Omen squad members: @KadenZipfel provided some help, but I struggled to implement some of his suggestions. I also reached out to @0xVenky but I missed the first call we had scheduled, and he has been very busy with other Omen related tasks since.

Lessons learned:

  • 15 hours a week is unrealistic : While I have worked 15 hours a week some weeks, specifically during the blockchain investigation, most weeks I have worked closer to 6-7 hours a week (because I was blocked technically or waiting for folks to get back to me with guidance/feedback). I spent a lot of that time debugging errors in Dune Analytics and The Graph. So, my next worker proposal will be for 5 hours a week. I think I might end up working more than that, and if I am, I can adjust in a future worker proposal.

  • Bringing on support for technical tasks: The Omen team is very busy and I don’t think it’s realistic to receive hand-holding on analytics tasks. To that end I have identified a data engineer and a machine learning engineer who are interested in Web3 governance and prediction markets respectively. I will work with the machine learning engineer to generate those metrics. I will also work with the data engineer to develop metrics on REP holder engagement for a project @Tammy is working on. By offloading some of this technical work to interested parties I will be freed up to focus on where I can add the most value; working on compliance and legal issues with @Tammy.

Tl;dr; I enjoy working with DXdao but I need to refocus on tasks that are suited for my skill-set. I have a plan to do that, and with the community’s support, will put it into motion.


I’ve really enjoyed working with Jordan over the past 3 months. As he described, he successfully completed a blockchain analysis of our REP holder addresses and addresses that purchased DXD from the bonding curve. He did this in a very short time window, which has prevented an otherwise longer delay in obtaining a report for DXventures grants.

Jordan was also proactive in figuring out issues with the Omen data from Dune Analytics, and though he was not able to do a full analysis, has proposed a sold solution to complete the project, as well as obtain a comparative analysis from other prediction market platforms. This information should be useful in determining which markets are obtaining the most traction from LPs and traders.

Because Jordan has not requested his second portion of his payout, and it has been three months since he submitted his proposal, I believe it is fair that he requests 100% of his second payout given the work he’s delivered and the relative time he has consistently worked on these projects.

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Hi Jordan, I just downstaked three of your proposals live on xDai (plus there’s a forth, but that’s not been staked on) - the first one I believe you simply selected GEN by mistake instead of a stablecoin, on another one you claimed xDXD, and on the third I’m having some troubles following the REP calculation.

FT workers at DXdao get 0.1667% REP per month - for simplicity I’ll just use current REP (rather than the one from a month ago), which by querying the REP Contract, appears to be ~1,596,203.

With 15 out of 40 hours, that’s 37.5% commitment.

REP per Month
0.1667 * 0.375 = 0.0625125

REP for Trial
0.0625125 * 0.5 = 0.03125625

Total REP for 2.5 months = 0.15628

1,596,203 * 0.15628 / 100 = 2494 REP

I saw you claimed 1759 REP in your first WP, which leaves 735 REP (2494-1759) still left to claim.


Thank you for the clarifications!

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