Worker Proposal - gem1no - [02/23/21 - 05/08] (2.5 mo)

Gem1no Worker Proposal – Front-End Developer Level 1


Since 02/23/21, I’ve been working with the Omen team as a front-end developer. I propose to continue working closely with the Omen team, transitioning to a full-time schedule and working on assigned tasks within the Omen project.

Being accepted as a paid full-time worker will allow me to focus all of my attention/effort towards contributing to Omen and improving/shipping products with the team. I’m extremely excited to be given this opportunity as not only is it a super badass project/community but also an immensely valuable learning experience for me. I could not ask for a better opportunity or a better team to have the pleasure of working with.


Support front end development of Omen, maintain excellent communication with squad leaders/teammates, taking ownership/responsibility of all assigned tasks/PRs

What I’ve done so far:

Attended ~90% of all cross-product DXdao meetings, and 100% of Omen team meetings since I started here about a month ago.



[one omitted from no. of link restrictions]

and most importantly… learned a lot!


  • Experience Level: 1

  • Position: Developer for Omen front-end.

  • Full-time

  • Salary for 2-week trial period:

    • $1,000 in DAI ($4000 monthly base * .5 adjusted for 2 wk period * .5 for 50% trial period rate)
    • $500 in DXD ($2000 monthly base * .5 adjusted for 2 wk period * .5 for 50% trial period rate), with a 1-year vesting cliff, vesting through 2 years
    • REP: 0.0417% REP (50% rate, 2 weeks)
  • Salary for remaining 2 months:

    • $6400 in DAI ($4000 monthly base * 0.8) * 2 months
    • $3200 in DXD ($2000 monthly base * 0.8) * 2 months, with a 1-year vesting cliff, vesting through 2 years
    • 0.2666% REP (0.1333% * 2 months @ 80% rate)
  • REP: Total 0.3083% for 2.5 months prorated 50% for the first 2 weeks (0.0417%) and Pro-rated at 80% for 2 months (0.2666%).

I will request compensation for the first 1.5 months in the coming week on xdai, and I will request compensation for the remaining 1 month at the end of my work period, stated above. I am aware that receiving the second payment is based on completing my promised goals for the allotted time.

Past Experience:

  • Co-founder of a small agriculture/tech startup based in the US
  • 5 years experience as a consumer of web3/ethereum based technology and algorithmic trader.
  • Full stack web developer, have dabbled in front end/web3 freelance and experimented with Solidity
  • Please see my github/portfolio: ;