Worker Proposal - gem1no - 02/22/2021 to 03/08/2021 (2 weeks)

● Past experience: Co founder of a small agriculture/tech startup based in the US.
● Full stack web developer, have dabbled in front end/web3 freelance and experimented with Solidity

● Experience Level: 1
● Position: Developer for the Omen front-end. I’ve been in contact with @geronimo
● Responsibilities: Support front end development of Omen, maintain excellent communication with squad leaders/teammates, taking ownership/responsibility of all assigned tasks/PRs
● Full-time
● Salary for two week trial period: $924 in ETH ($4000 monthly base * .5 and adjusted for 2 wk period) $466 in DXD ($2000 monthly base * .5 and adjusted for 2 wk period)


@gem1no joined the weekly bizDev & Omen call on Monday and we are happy to see him joining full time starting with the trial period.

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