Worker Proposal | FT Product Manager & UI/UX

Hey guys, I’m Zett from Keybase chat. I’m a product designer from Stockholm, Sweden.
Here is my worker proposal for the full-time opportunity posted on DXdao worker opportunities

Timeframe: from 22/09/2020 to 22/11/2020, 2 months.


  • Product management for DXswap

    • Managing Project board on Github
    • Testing
    • Merging Pull Requests
  • UX/UI design for DXswap, Rails, Omen, Mesa

    • Create a basic UI/UX design guideline
    • Design and manage DXswap
    • Design Rails v2
    • Mesa IDO friendly and ready for DXswap
  • Creative Direction for the Brand DXdao (website, social media and blog):

    • New landing page for DXdao
    • DXdao brand guidelines
  • (Short term) Marketing:

Will help out with marketing graphics until we get a proper marketing person.

  • Social media graphics such as profile pictures, blog posts banners, DXdao award graphics, merchandise design, conference design and helping out with presentations.


  • Eight years of experience working with product design(UI)
  • Six years of experience working with product planning(UX)
  • Four years of product ownership
  • 15 years in Digital Graphic Design

Unrelated Experience:

  • 13 years of motion graphic design
  • Live Broadcast and studio design
  • Sales and conferences

I consider myself an expert level UI/UX designer and support possible gaps DXdao may need for digital design. I’m self-driven and proved myself to be able to own, develop products from an idea to a finished product and work together with a remote team.

Previous work:

  • Brand and Concept design for Rails.eth

  • Design for DXdao awards

  • Design for DXdao social media channels

  • Design UI and UX for consumer and enterprise applications for Tesla, DNB, Avis Budget Group, Telia, Telenor, Swedish Television and many more.

  • Worked on an enterprise blockchain product using [Guardtime blockchain technology(

  • Nominated and a finalist for Swedish Grammy and an MTV Video awards.

  • Planned and designed several dapps 2017-2018

  • Design work for Ferrum Foundation

  • Design and branding for DuckDAO

  • Design and branding for The Foundry


The compensation is submitted according to the Worker Compensation Guidelines v2
I know this is a draft for the V2 Compensation guideline. I’m guessing this needs to be passed first.

  • Experience Level: 4 (expert)
  • Full-time
  • Monthly Salary
    • $7,000 (ETH) distributed monthly
    • $5,000 (DXD) vested for 1 year
    • 0.16667%% REP (voting power in DXdao)