Worker Proposal for 03/2021-04/2021 Chainwave LLC (@benjaminmbrown)

After being introduced to the opportunity by Martin a few weeks ago and speaking with various squad leaders, I would like to commit to building out various front end dashboarding and analytics tools to start, with the intention of going deeper and eventually helping with protocol and smart contracts . I’m looking forward to adding as much value as possible to the DXdao organization.


From 03/01/2021 to 04/30/2021, 8 weeks.

DXdao Global Analytics Dashboard

  • Build initial version of dashboard to display overall organization activity and project activity summaries
  • Home Page as overall view of DXdao activity/metrics (summary of github commits, votes, TVL) with sub pages for project-specific data:
  • Page for Omen-specific data
  • Page for Swapr-specific data
  • Page for Mesa(TBD? - possibly just set it up for future integration)
  • Will work with leaders on specifying exact metrics over time
  • Bring in subset of current Dune Analytics graphs where appropriate
  • Integrate Subgraph data where appropriate
  • Integrate multi-network switch in UI (start with xDAI)

Swapr Analytics

  • Integrate multi network switch in UI (start with xDAI)
  • Propose additional UI, Charts, and useful data for LPs
  • Goal is to make Swapr data/interface more useful than standard Uniswap clone


  • Develop and maintain DXdao Global Analytics Dashboard & repo
  • Work with team leaders to plan and solve data/charting/analytics needs on various projects
  • Provide technical help, assistance & testing for other workers willing to work on these projects


  • Experience Level: 5
  • Time commitment: Part Time 20h/week (running another business).
  • $8,000 (ETH) for two months of work at level 5, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment the last week of April.
  • No REP (part time)

Worker Experience

  • No REP (part time)

Someone correct me if I am wrong (@pulpmachina), but as I understand in the newly passed contributor guidelines your allocation of REP is equivilent to your percentage of fulltime contribution. Since you are proposing a 50% commitment, you are entitled to 0.08335% REP each workable month.

Also, as this is your first proposal as a worker, you are required to go through the “Trial period”, including 2 weeks at 50% salary, and 2 months at 80% salary. From the sounds of it you have already committed to some kind of initial trial with Martin, so this proposal should account for the two months at 80%; or $6400 in ETH, DAI, or USDC.

Finally, you appear to be missing your allocation of $DXD. Requesting as a level 5 worker with an 80% allocation for this period and 50% time commitment, you are eligible for an additional $4800 in $DXD (at ATH value), vested over a 2 year cliff. This should be mentioned in your draft and alchemy proposal for the purpose of documentation.

I am working personally on a dedicated page where this worker information will be more accessible, but until this is ready the text can be found here. Hopefully this helps!


Hi @benjaminmbrown , thanks for the worker proposal. Please message me on Keybase. @pulpmachina,in order to help update your proposal to encompass the 2-week trial period compensation at 50%, as well as the subsequent 2-month compensation at 80% (total 10 weeks). Keenan also explained the DXD compensation and REP. Once we update your compensation, you can update this proposal.

Also, your skillset will be a nice fit as we build out UI metrics for our Guilds and governance / utility tokens. Looking forward to working with you.


The Contributor Guidelines PDF is fantastic. I really appreciate its clarity, directness, and vibe it projects.

Also, as I was reading the proposal I saw how the analytics dashboard would really help non-developers like me track the growth of our investment, or so I believe. But is this information already easily available to the DXdao who know the significance and the meaning of changes in the metrics? Can the analytics be easily posted when a particular metric is important to the community and its importance highlighted for the part of the community that may not easily and immediately grasp its significance rather than be constantly available on a dashboard?
Also, I appreciated the politeness in guiding the proposal to be re-submitted with the corrections noted. Thank you.


Hey @finagain,

Are you referring to this post?

I don’t want to hijack a thread here, perhaps you could message me on Keybase! @keenanluke

Edit: Spoke with Finagain, who let me know the remainder of the paragraph is in relation to the OP. Apologies!

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