Worker proposal for 03-04/2021 github:AugustoL

I managed to fulfill most of my goals of my past proposals by deploying DXtrust and DXvote in rinkeby a few days ago (Topic here). I also automated the testing and deployment to github pages and ipfs (this was one of my worker proposal goals too). And the best thing is that we had a good audit and code review of the guild and they were well received by the other projects, we expect a DXDGuild, Swapr pool guilds and an Omen guild too, therefore I will be helping and taking over the ERC20Guild smart contracts development, I will receive the guild requirements and code it.

The next tow months I will be working mainly on bringing the DXvote and DXtrust stable and usable version on xdai, to start testing it with real money before going to mainnet.

This proposal is for 80% of a full time commitment (4 of 5 working days).


  • DXvote Dapp v1.0 official release for xdai.
  • DXtrust Dapp v0.4.0 with swapr buy/sell feature.
  • DXDGuild deployment.


  • Maintenance of DXvote and DXtrust dapps.
  • Provide technical help and assistance to dxdao workers.
  • Governance tools research and development, ERC20Guild & DXDVotingMachine.

Past experience


  • Experience Level: 5
  • Time commitment: 4 of 5 working days, 80% commitment.
  • Working for DXdao since 04/2020.
  • $12800 (ETH) for two months of work at level 5, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment the last week of 04/2021.
  • $9600 (DXD) vested for 2 year with 1 year cliff starting the 1/03/2021.
  • 0.1667% REP = ~2410 REP at 1446000 * 0.001667 to be sent in the second payment proposal the last week of 04/2021.

Github pull requests:

This PR has all my commits in the dapp getting done as much as I could for the sclaffolding of the dapp, getting the basic functions for the dapp store and local storage done to build the dapp with designs around it, fixing voting and staking actions add added the redeem action. I also added the rest of the pages like User page, Scheme Page and Config page, with very basic information displayed.
Also the continuous integration was configured to have the code from develop branch in gh-pages and on ipfs from master branch.

Permission regsitry PR: Add permission registry by AugustoL · Pull Request #18 · AugustoL/dxdao-contracts · GitHub

This feature is very cool, I havent shared it publicly yet but it will allow dxdao schemes to set permissions of what functions and value can be sent to multiple contracts, allowing also wildcard permissions like calling function F no any contract.

ERC20guild audit: ERC20Guild after audit changes by AugustoL · Pull Request #17 · AugustoL/dxdao-contracts · GitHub
After the ERC20Guild audit I fixed the issues found and also found other issues (one critical) that was not detected in the audit, added the documentation and implementation for DXD guild.

New UI & small refactors by AugustoL · Pull Request #347 · levelkdev/dxtrust · GitHub I applied the new designs provided by zett, optimized the dapp and fixed bugs.

v0.3.0 by AugustoL · Pull Request #348 · levelkdev/dxtrust · GitHub Latest commits with changes to show the buy disabled on min investment set as max uint, bug fixes.
I also configured the dapp to have the code in develop hosted in gh-pages and the code from master in ipfs.

I also want to add that I commit to attend the future dev,governance and weekly dxdao calls.

Augusto, you did some great work here as usual and your abilities and contributions are very valuable for DXdao. That said, I have a couple of concerns with these proposals.

  1. It seems you were not working very much in January and maybe a week or so in February. The proposal is for 60% time but there are big gaps in your main focus of DXvote: v1.0 by AugustoL · Pull Request #2 · AugustoL/dxvote · GitHub that imply you were barely working for a few weeks. The issue here isn’t the quality of your work, but commitment to the proposal and follow through, and also the example this sets for other works since you are one of the more experienced workers. I would like to see an assessment of this and whether it’s really fair to ask for the full compensation for January and February. Truth be told, as an experienced solidity developer, you probably deserve more compensation, but even so it is important that we set expectations on worker proposals, and additional compensation I think should be tied to successful completion of goals.

  2. DXvote is a valuable effort to create a more reliable and secure voting interface, but I believe the higher priority for the upcoming months will be launching Omen Guild. Have you discussed the goals with others in the community? Friday’s Product Strategy call or the Developer Call would be a good place to get feedback.

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Thanks John.

An important thing: My engagement for the past two months was very reduced compared to my previous ones, I think you are expecting more work than the one I was able to deliver. The main plan was to work on dxvote, which I did and of course I would have loved to do more in the dapp. BUT before I was able to continue working on it I had to finish the ERC20-guild audit and the DXtrust app update, during those weeks where you see the “gap” I was working on that alone in my cabin in Mar del Plata.
After I finished the ERC20-guild audits, wrote the DXDGuild implementation, finished DXtrust dapp update, set up continuous integration in gh-pages and ipfs deployment I continued working on dxvote, where I did more sclafolding of the dapp adding user, schemes and config views and did some refactor on the dapp functionality and added the events to the dapp storage. But I also knew that I had work left to be done in the dxdao-contracts which I refer to them as dxdao gov 1.x contracts, I had to finish the permission registry to add a very much needed security layer over the WalletSchemes that were able to call simply any function in the first dxvote implementation that I shared in January.

Between all that things I tried to attend anytime I could the developer and governance calls. And I was talking with @pulpmachina and @geronimo about how can we use the erc20 guild for omen, I think we have two or one calls, one for sure that you want there because you missed it, but yes I was answering any questions they had about how can we do the omen guild and the plan so far is that I will receive the technical requirements for it and I will code the omen guild smart contracts, then the omen team can add it to their dapp or wherever they want to use it.

And I did all of these with a 60% commitment compared to the one I had per month in 2020, where I continued working on the same things I was working before but I didnt delivered as much as before, and in my opinion I did pretty good BUT I should have communicated my work more frequently, thing that I will do more often from now on.

This being said I will continue to pursue my current worker proposal and payment with the goals to have dxvote and DXD hosted in rinkeby and xdai at the same time with the dxdao gov 1.x contracts already audited or under audit review by end of April / beginning of March, with the proper documentation.

I also commit to write the Omen Guild smart contracts, reusing as much as I can of ERC20 guild contracts. This delivery will depend on the complexity of the requirements and the time when they are delivered. So @geronimo and @pulpmachina when you have the technical requirements send them over and I will get to it.

@AugustoL Has been available to answer all of my and @corkus 's questions regarding the Omen Guild. We’ve to date had 3 meetings, including the expanded working group meeting held last week. My hope is that we can finalize the governance parameters for Omen Guild this week. So Augusto can begin work.

Looking forward to receiving final feedback on the Omen Guild governance structure in the coming days on keybase and presenting more comprehensive information on Omen Guild governance here.

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