Worker proposal for 01-02/2021 github:AugustoL

I plan to submit the following worker proposal in three days, this one is going to be focused on continue my work on dxvote and dxtrust dapps. Both dapps are now ready to go trough a ux/ui review.

This proposal is for 60% of a full time commitment (3 of 5 working days) due to personal responsibilities that will demand more time. I expect to be back full time in March.


  • DXvote Dapp v0.1.0 official release for rinkeby.
  • DXtrust Dapp v0.3.0, official release (rinkeby and mainnet)
  • DXvote and DXtrust continuous integration for IPFS hash and deploy.
  • DXtrust Dapp v0.4.0 with DXDGuild integration.


  • Maintenance of DXvote and DXtrust dapps.
  • Host and release notes of DXdao weekly developer call every Tuesday with @nico.
  • Provide technical help and assistance to dxdao workers.
  • Governance tools research and development, ERC20Guild & DXDVotingMachine. (Lot of code I wrote will be audited on 01/20)

Past experience


  • Experience Level: 5
  • Time commitment: Full-time
  • Working for DXdao since 04/2020.
  • $9600 (ETH) for two months of work at level 5, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment the last week of February.
  • $7200 (DXD) vested for 2 year with 1 year cliff starting the 1/01/2021.
  • 0.1667% REP = ~2410 REP at 1446000 * 0.001667 to be sent in the second payment proposal the last week of February.

Sounds good!

I think this is probably just a copy/paste mistake, but I think it should be .6 * 2 * 6000 = 7200

yes! fixing it now.!