Worker proposal (Duvan Piñeros)

hello friends DXDAO! my name is Duvan Piñeros! I am a Senior Art Director, with an emphasis on branding and 3D modeling, experience in advertising, in advertising I have worked in the digital part at VMLYR Colombia. Among my latest digital works are the following pages:

in addition to my behance portfolio:

I can support you in the entire issue of DXDAO rebranding and its implementation to all points of contact of the brand.

support in banners, communications, etc. of DXDAO and its by-products with 3D modeling and design.

Creation and support of UI / UX for the projects and products that we have.

Create a branding system where DXDAO is the umbrella and underneath we can put all the products that DXDAO has, something like the generative umbrella system that Google has.

In addition to supporting creativity (a field that I practice in advertising matters but that can be applicable to any field) for the creation of new products.

According to their compensation table I think I am level 1/2 because although I have a lot of experience in my graphic subject, I am a bit new to Cryptos and all this world. but I am eager to read and learn. Besides that I have a couple of months also to be with dOrg and understand a little about this exciting world.

I can be full time, it is what I am looking for at the moment. and I have the availability to do it.

I would like to start with all the development of the new DXDAO brand and you can see what I can contribute, for this test I want to make a proposal where I invest about 60 hours in developing the new brand and if they like it they pay me 60 hours according to my level and the time invested and enter to work with you according to the need for time I have for my work.

I would like to know what you think? If you like my work and see my proposal viable with your needs. Thank you friends and I remain on the lookout.

Hi Duvan,

Thank you for sending through an expression of interest!

We definitely need some more designers on-board to assist with creating assets across DXdao and the suite of products.

I think a good idea to get started before looking for full-time positions is joining our Keybase and #Marketing channel. I have attached a link here: Keybase

We regularly need graphics and other media assets so it would be great to see if you could jump in, demonstrate your skills within the context of DeFi and then go from there.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Hey Duvan,
We already chatting privately and I voiced my concerns to you there. I told you to do this thread to see what others might feel. I totally agree we need a graphic designer that can work on brands, marketing, infographics etc.
After we took a call with you we noticed there was a big gap of you not understanding what DXdao really is and that’s a must for someone that will be forming how DXdao is viewed as a brand.
I suggest you could hang around in the community, listen to calls and read more about us to get a better understanding.

Alternatively, you can work with @mike if he likes to, where he takes care of being the expert and you get paid as a freelancer.


Hi Zett! Yes, I understand your concerns and those of Geronimo, I have been reading a lot, perfectly understanding what DXDAO is and how it works, also delving into the DEFI and crypto world. to take what I know in graphics, my skills and others to this fascinating world. I also spoke with a friend from dOrg with whom I have had some calls and he has been explaining all this to me. I hope to be helpful.