Worker Proposal - Caney Fork

Following on my previous worker proposals, below is a scope of work to be done from 9/22 - 11/22. This scope of work includes work already completed. As before, I am requesting this through Caney Fork LLC.


  • Organize, set agenda and take notes for weekly governance calls, organized under #Governance tag.
  • Develop documentation of governance processes, particularly in communicating the status of ongoing governance initiatives, worker compensation guidelines or manifesto-like documents
  • Active contributor to internal governance discussions on keybase, DAOtalk and the weekly calls.
  • Provide additional budget updates and research into treasury allocation and diversification
  • Explore Governance 2.0, governance-as-a-service and other governance priorities

Strategy, Biz Dev and Product

  • Contribute to community conversations on product updates, business or partnership opportunities and product development across the forums, keybase and calls.
  • DXswap
  • Provide feedback on Mesa, Omen, Rails, DXdao homepage etc
  • Contribute to community discussion around the Bonding curve


  • Communicate DXdao to external community, present on “Reputation-based Governance” at Liquidity 2020
  • Develop relationships with partners in DeFi and DAO ecosystem
  • Help build additional DXdao communities (CIS/Chinese community and DXD token holders)

Given my prior experience, I am identifying as a Level 5 experience level, according to the latest version of the Worker Compensation Guidelines. During the time period, I am contributing at an 80% time commitment to DXdao, so I’m requesting a monthly compensation of $6,400 in ETH and $4,800 in DXD. DXD compensation (as with my last proposal) will hinge on the usability of the vesting contract.

Per the guidelines, I will also be requesting 0.1667% REP reward for each month during scope of work. I will submit a compensation request to Alchemy on 10/22 and 11/22.

Feedback, comments, suggestions welcome