Worker proposal and first payment - 26/12/2020 to 26/02/2021 - luzzifoss

Worker proposal


From 26/12/2020 to 26/02/2021, two full months.


Swapr development will remain the main focus. I’ve been very focused on Swapr since when I joined the DAO, by helping tidy up the Alpha release and by building the staking rewards distribution contracts that will power the liquidity mining campaigns. The idea is to continue the effort by working on the frontend and subgraph to make liquidity mining come to life as a feature.


Having read the DXdao compensation guidelines, I think considering myself at a level 4 experience would be appropriate.
I’d like to receive my salary in DAI, at the end of each month (after a proposal by me).

DXD price would be decided from simply looking at DXtrust here, taking the highest-price trade in USD terms.
The DXD should then be put in a vesting contract, with a 2-year lockup period, and a 1-year cliff. The vesting start date should ideally be the start of my working period, so 26/12/2020. It will be my responsibility to deploy the vesting contract on mainnet during the 2-month working period,
set up accordingly to what stated above. The single payment can be given out starting from December 26th.


I’ve worked 4 years as a full stack developer in my full-time job, plus various side-projects in my spare time which anyone can consult on my GitHub page here. Won the Loopring Pay UI’s bounty to develop a new UI for the Loopring Pay protocol (which is now Rails) and previously worked for the DAO to ship Rails v1 and Swapr alpha.

Worker compensation

Since I’m extremely late with the proposal and the first month has already passed, I’m already requesting my first DAI payout for the work done between December 26th 2020 and January 26th 2021.

As per the original proposal’s term, I’m asking for 7k DAI.

Proof of work

I’ve 100% focused on Swapr this past month. I’ve particularly:

  • Continued the development of the staking rewards distribution contracts, both the generic version and the Swapr-specific factory, that enforces some checks on the passed reward tokens and stakable token. The contracts were audited and the results were positive overall. 2 moderate defects (which have already been fixed) and a couple of minor defects which still need to be fixed. The contracts are currently deployed and working on Rinkeby, and used for testing. The work can be checked by having a look at the repos, here and here.

  • Continued the frontend development for Swapr. I’ve fixed a few bugs in the alpha 1 release (the fixed bugs can be checked in this PR here).
    I’ve also been focusing on the liquidity mining feature, for which I’ve finished creating a first version of the creation form. The result of the work so far can be seen in this draft PR here (actively been worked on). Generally speaking, a high-level view of the work can be seen by checking out my commits on the develop branch here.

  • Started working on the Swapr subgraph to integrate liquidity mining related features. The updated code still currently sits on my machine waiting to be tested (thing which I’ll do shortly), so I have no link to attach here as of now.

  • Deployed Swapr on Arbitrum. Swapr is now succesfully on Arbitrum. Will need to open a few PRs for it to be officially there, but a draft version currently works (accessible here, but will at least need some L2 ETH, obtainable from the dedicated bridge).