Worker Proposal - Adam Azad - February 2021


Since gas fees, I split my Q1 Worker Proposal for specificity. See the original post Worker proposal

This proposal requests a Worker Payment for February 2021.

Reflection on Contributor Experience

I started my February excited to work on Mesa even though the team was just me, Martin, and Nico. There was a lot of work to be done, and my work, I mean organization, recruiting, and coding. I enjoyed interviewing some of the candidates such as Hamza, who eventually joined us. We had a few failed onboards as well; one developer ghosted us, another called told us we lack “professionalism” at Mesa and DXdao. Overall, February was a good month.


My OKRs kind of drifted away from delivering and I take responsibility for that for the reason mentioned herein. One major struggle was the Dutch Auction mechanism implemented by the smart contract. I admit it took me 3 full days to wrap my head around how it works. And sometimes I question my knowledge of it. Anyhow, one focus we discussed with the PM was how to visually explain what is going during an auction. One objective was to find a library to visually showcase this. There were a few attempts on my end, but eventually, Lee implemented a version of it - kudos to him.

On the subgraph side, I struggled with how it works and how to configure it - Nico once said their documentation isn’t really helpful. Anyway, I am now the Jedi of the subgraph - and I managed to release the first version, even though it won’t be used, but it has the foundations for v2.


One thing everyone has to appreciate at DXdao is remote-first culture. I do know if some of you have noticed, but I traveled to Amman for a week and was working from my Airbnb there. One night from a cafe in the heart of Amman. That I enjoyed. However, one thing I hated is me missing two scrum standups because I was in the sky at then.


My name is Adam. A Full Stack Engineer with 4 years of experience. I have worked remotely with studios from Canada, Europe, and SE Asia.

My involvement in crypto goes back to 2012 when I accumulated my first Bitcoin through a platform, named CoinUrl, that paid for placing ads on the website in Bitcoin. I used CoinUrl on my first online startup. In mid-2017, I started mining Ethereum with one AMD RX 480 at my university. I then scaled it to a fleet of 19 GPUs.

I also am active in DeFi as an investor and builder and getting my hands dirty with Solidity. :blush:

I bring experience from my software development and passion for working in the DeFi and blockchain space. It is my secret ingredient (don’t tell others my secret )

You will find my past work/projects at and I am also working on Kryptobase which is a mobile app to buy crypto in Iraqi Kurdistan. We plan to use an AMM (supposedly Uniswap or Swapr) under the hood and submit orders on behalf of our users.


An up-to-date version is available at

Febraury Objectives

There is a Mesa prototype now, we will continue working on extending the functionality of the interface. I will be more scattered between the frontend interface, trying to create developer documentation. However, my main task is still implementing the design from Bertie’s.

Mesa Interface

As we had two new additions to the FE team - Hamza and Lee, my focus shifted away from mainly

Mesa Subgraph

The subgraph is a critical component of the Mesa dApp, and as such I will work on the v1 version of it. This version utilizes the base version of Gnosis’s fork.

[1] This link might be invalidated as I will merge v2 into main soon in one giant PR soon.

Trial period, 2 weeks

Start date: Jan 13th, 2021

End date: Jan 27th, 2021

Total: 14 days.

Hours: 40/week


Start date: Jan 28th, 2021

End date: Feb 28th, 2021

Total: 1 month

Hours: 40/week.


One month pay, 80% rate

  • Level 3

  • Full-time: 40 hours/week

  • DAI: $4,800 (80% of $6,000)

  • DXD: $3,200 (80% of $4,000):

    • $1,600 (DXD) vested after a 1-year cliff, and

    • the remaining $1,600 (DXD) after the first year on a linear schedule.

  • REP: 0.13336% (80% of 0.1667%)