Worker proposal - 26/05/2022 to 25/07/2022 - luzzifoss


From 26/05/2022 to 25/07/2022, two full months.


Will perform all development-related tasks on Carrot MVP and keep working on Carrot v1, trying in particular to get the contracts ready for an audit somewhere in May (meanwhile I’ll keep working on a Carrot v1 MVP frontend to implement all the required logic, waiting for a UI design). As a secondary task (with lower prio) I’ll do all development needed on Jolt, and will also give support and priority to any third party wanting to use Carrot.


Having read the DXdao compensation guidelines, I’m asking for a level 7 salary, receiving the USD part at the end of each worked month.
The received DXD (priced using the official guidelines) should be put in a vesting contract for 3 years with a 1 year cliff, with the vesting start date being the start of my working period, so 26/05/2022.


I’ve worked 4 years as a full stack developer in my full-time job, plus various side-projects in my spare time which anyone can consult on my GitHub page here.
My previous work with the DAO can be easily seen and judged by looking at my past payment proposals (which include a proof of work):