Worker Proposal - 17/12/2020 - 1/2/2020 - Mike_Eli - Marketing & Growth

Hi All,

As many of you are aware around the marketing team, I have been contributing over the past few months in more of a part-time capacity in an effort to better balance external commitments with contributions to DXdao.

To that end, I am retrospectively requesting payment for my work since the conclusion of my previous proposal.


  • Overseeing strategy and execution for DXdao’s Twitter. This included all branded graphics + social media posting during this period.
  • Overseeing strategy and execution for Omen Twitter.
  • Taking Marketing Strategy & Comms call and assisting with overall direction.


Having read the DXdao compensation guidelines, I believe I am at a Level 5 experience as a Growth Marketer. You can read more about my professional background here.

In addition to this - I now oversee growth, strategy and content for ARCx and dHEDGE, which demonstrates a high level understanding of growth within this industry.

I believe that my time spent was around 15-20 hours per week, making it a Part Time role. As such, I am requesting approx 38% of 8,000 USDC - which is 3,000 USDC. In addition to this, I will be requesting 0.1666% REP.

Looking Forward

Over the coming months, I will be contributions on the following:

  • Social Media strategy for DXdao and underlying products
  • Developing marketing collateral and graphics for DXdao - as well as supporting Zett on designs
  • Working with Keenan on the new DXdao website design
  • Helping with marketing and growth direction and contributing to Marketing Comms team.

I am open to feedback on the above and how the community thinks contributors should be paid retrospectively for work!