Worker Proposal - 16/11/2020 to 16/12/2020 - Mike_Eli - Growth

Timeframe & Parties

From 16/11/2020 to 16/12/2020

Work will be split 50/50 between myself and my designer colleague who has been helping myself and DXdao out for the last few months.


The overarching goal is to help scale the DXdao brand and the underlying products via various marketing channels. At a high level, my responsibilities for this month will be as follows:

  • Strategy and execution for Omen’s social media marketing. Consistent content curation (both static and animated) for Omen - regularly promoting markets and growing the Twitter following
  • Strategy and execution for the DXswap launch campaign on Twitter + other channels.
  • Growth strategy and execution for DXdao. This would include:
    • Content curation + campaigns.
      • Major campaign for the month will be piecing together a DXdao animation that introduces DXdao and all of the underlying products to tie the ecosystem together (I want this to be the pinned post on Twitter).
    • Influencer marketing
    • Other advertising arrangements.
  • Influencer marketing - outreach to increase brand visibility for the DXdao generally.
  • Recruitment advertising and assisting with on-boarding for non-technical team members.
  • Creation of content for other DXdao products as it is needed or requested by the community.


Having read the DXdao compensation guidelines, I believe I am at a Level 4 for experience as a Growth Marketer. You can read more about my background here.

The time spent would be 40 hours per week - making it a Full Time role. I would be splitting the work between myself and my colleague 50/50 and he will be receiving half of the total compensation. His time will be spent curating the static and animated content.

The community has been aware of this arrangement for the past few months while I have been working with DXdao.

This would ultimately mean I will be requesting $7,000 USD worth of ETH per month and an additional $5,000 USD per month worth of DXD. The DXD would be vested over 24 months with a 12 month cliff. Otherwise, I would like to be paid as follows:

  • Half of the ETH ($3,500 USD) to be paid at the start of the engagement.
  • The remaining ETH ($3,500 USD) to be paid on the completion date - with the lockup/vesting contract to commence at this date for $5,000 USD of DXD based on the buy price on DXdao.eth
    • P.s I may need help with the vesting contract deployment frens! :slight_smile:


I oversaw the strategy and execution of the Rails launch and also provided a range of different content and collateral for DXdao and the underlying products. I also secured a Bankless feature for DXdao and John.

More broadly - I am the Head of Growth at Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange where I run all digital marketing and growth activities. Prior to this, I was the Head of Operations at one of the world’s largest eCommerce brands HiSmile.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.


The above will be restructured.

I also intend to continue leading discussions on matters pertaining to the DXdao treasury.

Hi Mike, thank you very much for your proposal and the previous work you have done! It covers quite a wide range of topics and products, so it is great that DXdao has people who can take care of these sorts of tasks as well!

However, marketing can be a bottomless pit, as you surely know, absent any larger overarching goals or metrics to measure. Does DXdao already have these defined anywhere? If so, I am not aware and judging from some of the comments in yesterday’s BizDev call, there are still some unanswered questions around product strategy and positioning.

How would you feel about joining one of these calls and explain a bit more how you envision DXdao’s positioning and what kind of marketing goals / metrics you would derive from that?

As a side question, from your previous worker proposal, has the work finished on these items? (I couldn’t find any links to it):

  • Omen explainer video
  • DXswap introductory animation
  • DXswap listing animation
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Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your feedback!

Happy to elaborate on some of your concerns:

DXdao Marketing and Biz Dev Calls

Unfortunately the current meetings take place at 1am - 3am Australian time, which makes me unable to attend a vast majority of the calls. I do weekly calls each Saturday (AEDT time) with some of the members within the Dao to discuss marketing, product strategy, general growth strategy and timelines. Anyone is more than welcome to join!

Otherwise - I am regularly seen contributing ideas and developing/executing on new initiatives within the Marketing and product channels on Keybase. Further, I have started to drive the conversation for treasury allocation and diversification for DXdao. We have already locked in a call to speak with the biz dev team from tBTC to work on some logistics. You can keep up to date with these discussions on the #Treasury channel.

Overarching Goals

Completely agree with you that marketing can be ambiguous in terms of providing tangible outcomes.

At a high level - the focus for me is going to be on building brand awareness for DXdao. I think the community agrees that the Dao is undervalued and underrated as it, and the underlying projects fly under the radar.

How will building brand awareness be achieved? Well, the plan is to continue leveraging Crypto Twitter and generating more content across DXdao and the products that the community want to focus on (right now the emphasis is on Omen, Swapr and Mesa).

In addition to this - I am arranging for community members to jump on some Podcasts to continue to develop the narrative of DXD. In my opinion, we need to place a greater emphasis on long form content to really paint the entire picture of DXdao as it has so many layers. So far we have locked in Bankless, the FTX podcast (John spoke on that today) and Delphi Digital.

Another benefit of focusing on brand awareness is that it will help us in onboarding new community members and new workers to add value to the Dao. Part of the podcast strategy is to highlight the fact that we are growing and looking for new workers to join our many teams.


One of the key metrics I will be looking at is Twitter Analytics, as it is a simple way to demonstrate quantifiable results. An example of this is when I took over the launch strategy for Rails and was able to show the community the growth of the channel thanks to great content from our animator, content writers and of course the developers for putting together an awesome product. I have attached that image below for reference:

Outside of this we can assess community growth (Keybase/Telegram) and worker growth as a result of increasing brand awareness.

Missing Content

With respect to the content you’ve outlined - I can confirm that both the DXswap pieces were finished and sent for review. However, the rebrand means that we have to redo some elements of these creative’s and are working on them right now :slight_smile:

In terms of the Omen explainer - this one got a little lost in the transition of marketing teams and fell on the back-burner. We are happy to pick this one back up again - or even get a reduced payout on our next proposal for consideration of not delivering this.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can clear up here.


Thank you for the extensive answer Mike!

I agree that branding and awareness should be a big overarching goal and your work in that regard to leverage crypto Twitter and podcasts has been great. However, I do doubt that a lot of these very short animations have any effect at all. If we need more content for social, why not start a meme bounty and reward active and creative contributors?

I also appreciate the feedback on the metrics point. Posting these Twitter Analytics results or any other available analytics here frequently will help create trust in the marketing processes.

Hola Mike, can you share your linkedin? or something that we can use to verify this past experience?

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Hey Augusto - it was linked in the original post! But have attached it here again for you :slight_smile:


Just one thing I already voiced my opinion on that I like to mention here.
It’s a full-time role but it’s split between you and the graphic designer. It’s not fair to put this as a full-time role as growth when its a 50% Growth and 50% graphic Design.
I suggest two ways we can go at this:

  1. The graphic designer makes their own proposal and where we can evaluate the role and responsibility separately and put the Level of the worker separately from you.
  2. You get a budget of lets say 3500 USD where you can spend on creating the content you need.

Hey Zett,

That makes sense. As discussed over Keybase - I plan to adjust this.

With respect to budgets, I think that would be a good idea.

I am currently setting up an entity in Australia to be able to facilitate this. This way I can use designers who are outside of the Ethereum/DXdao ecosystem and get invoiced for their services to pay in fiat. Once our treasury has stable coins - it will completely de-risk me as the person managing this process.

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Hey all,

Just a note that I will be formally submitting the final half of my proposal to alchemy. I have listed below some of the outcomes for the month:


Please see this link for all of the media assets produced this month for DXdao, Swapr, Omen, Mesa and Rails.

Twitter Analytics


Omen had a particularly strong middle/end of November with markets such as the presidential election, ETH2 launch and Vitalik vs Vbotez gaining a lot of traction and driving high engagement.

Visibility has slowed down in December as we wait for the next round of prominent Omen markets to produce content around.


DXdao has shown consistent growth throughout the past 30 days. The uptick in engagement in my view has been a result of the market heating up, activity across governance/our products, and the curation of branded content.

So far - December is well on track to beat November in terms of visibility & engagement. Note there is also a few more campaigns to role out until the end of the month.


  • Organised and interview on the FTX podcast with John - it should be released in a week or two.


The remaining ETH ($3,500 USD) - 5.38 ETH at time of writing.

I will do the DXD vesting in a seperate proposal in the coming days - but will reference back to this.