Worker Proposal 07.2020


From 06/07/2020 to 07/08/2020, 4 weeks.


Product: Product support & delivery of new product features for Omen, DXswap and WalletScheme.

Security: Implement tools to enhance DXdao security monitoring and work along with JohnK to establish an ongoing auditor relationship.

Landingpage: Maintanance of the DXdao Landingpage


  • Product
    • Delivery of DXswap Alchemy Governance Interface.
    • Delivery of DXdao Omen Arbitrator contracts and support along the audit process.
    • General support on testing & deployment of DXswap.
    • Collaboration along AugustoL on research and implementation of WalletScheme contracts.
  • Security
    • Implement a Security Bot that performs certain security audits and integrates with Keybase.
    • Work along with JohnK to establish an ongoing auditor relationship.
  • Landingpage


  • 2.199,00 USD to be paid in ETH. 40% (879.60 USD) paid in advance at proposal acceptance and 60% (1,319.40 USD) paid after its delivery.
  • 2,082 REP, to be issued together with the final payment.
  • Bonus of 1,000.00 USD in DXD (Buy price at dxtrust.eth) when goals are reached.

The compensation is submitted according to the guidelines for a DXdao worker with Intermediate level experience and a commitment level of 2 and 75% time commitment.

Worker Experience

DXdao Experience