Will the entire DAOstack software be centrally located/accessible only through daostack.io?

Q.) In our community Telegram it was asked by @Procivilization: "Do I understand correctly that the entire DAOstack software will be centrally located/accessible only through daostack.io?"

A.) Answered by @Matan [DAOstack Architect]:

Not really. Firstly, the entire code base, head to toe, is open source. Which means that anyone, at any time, can deploy the app on their own server or local machine, interact with the blockchain and have the entire DAOstack accessible from whereever you want.

In this very first stage of release we’ve made sure to have it available from our own server, but nothing prevents anyone else to make it available anywhere else.

More so, in later stages, beyond other sources-of-deployments that will come up, we will also make sure to have the application itself readily availble from other decetralinzed sources such as IPFS.