Will the DAO stack be used on other blockchains?


Q.) In our community Telegram it was asked by @TDotD: "In one of the forum posts - someone mentioned that the plan is to be able to be a 2nd later in their block chains and not just Eth

Is that true?"

A.) Answered by @Matan [DAOstack Architect]:

I’m not sure I understand the question 100%. If it’s about the possibility of using other blockchains — then yes, although we admire the ETH project and at the moment exclusively build on top of it, we philosophically believe in diversity and would like to be blockchain agnostic, as far as other GOOD and SECURE platforms would come to live and mature up.

If it’s about us building our own blockchain —then I’d say not anywhere in the near future, and possibly never. It’s not impossible to consider it, if at some point there would be an r&d understanding that a particular blockchain would be useful for the DAO stack, but this is not the case at the moment and not anywhere in our focus in the near of even far terms. I think that building a blockchain is a huge efforts, and that ETH are doing GREAT job in that, with Billions of $ and thousands of the brightest people supporting the process, for years. No good reason at the moment to think about anything else. But clearly we have no political agenda around it, and would re-consider the question if it’d make sense in the future.