Who watches the Watchers? (are we even a DAO?)

So… There is a lot here and I’ll let most of the questions and comments for something later or forever hold my peace but… I’d argue we aren’t a successful DAO currently and we are “sick” with one of the main issues is having central leaders with little accountability but also lack of promoting our own decentralized leaders within Genesis. I assume plenty of responsibility as I can do better here.

I wasn’t sure how to write this exactly so I haven’t til now but as I question if we are getting Genesis the best shot at success that we can and what we can do to help. Please take with a grain of salt and grace.

I was messaged by someone in charge of communication saying they are giving me a warning that they may kick me from DAO communication channels. This was not suggested as a proposal for Genesis as a group to decide and it wasn’t against any set “code of conduct”. I am not spotless and I appreciate the main group’s patience and grace on this. The willingness to of a DAOstack employee to ignore and block someone asking questions about Genesis and DAOstack when it’s their job definition to help answer questions is completely up to DAOstack and that person. The question I’m curious about is for Genesis as a “DAO” how do we deal with things like community management? Are we independent from DAOstack tech enough to make our own rules and should this be based on proposals on alchemy and against an established code of conduct? I was not allowed to join a call on helping talk about a code of conduct and had my chat censored when I mentioned that centralized authority was censoring my fears of what I see as well-intentioned but still dangerous action being taken. If we don’t have a voice against power what do we have?

If we are able to determine our own destiny and be an actual test “DAO”, should we be accountable to DAOstack central authority that is showing the willingness to act as judge, jury, and executioner with very little, if any accountability? Also, if we do enact our own community rules and processes to community management should there be any consequences for those acting in a manner like this that I’d argue are an unintentional attack on the core “DAO” values?

There is a lot under this in terms of the tools we use as they tend to be centralized, the independence or not of Genesis from DAOstack tech and even if we should do things like hire our own community managers or make rules about not being hired by DAOstack tech and still being involved in the Genesis with REP and Pay to avoid what I’d argue or pretty at veryy high risk of conflict of interests due to sensitivity of DAOs in early stages.

If the goal of Genesis is to test and build a real DAO, I think these core groups with high conflict of interests with personal friends of founders and such is messy and we should at least admit this and be sensitive in our building around it. It’s well-intentioned but risky as I think we are seeing.

I don’t mean this as an attack on anyone, simply a red flag to something I think is important and in talking with others I know I’m not the only one but many just don’t want to stir the pot. I really do appreciate you all, even if we’ve bumped shoulders. I think we all want the same goal and I hope we can get there together. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Nathan,

To be perfectly clear, currently, the communications channels owned and operated by DAOstack Technologies and its moderator staff are wholly our own to moderate at our discretion. It is not for Genesis to decide whether or not you are permitted to speak in them. We’ve historically had a very loose policy regarding moderation – so loose, in fact, we’ve never had to kick a person from the Genesis DAO chat or our other owned channels.

We’ve had multiple complaints about your behavior from other testers in the Genesis Alpha. Historically, you’ve been rude, dismissive, needy, and crowded out conversations with your behavior. The messages you send DAOstack Technologies’ staff at times border on harassment. Nobody within the company is obligated to answer your questions. Full stop.

While the centralization of authority is a discussion worth having, you are not the one to lead it.

Thread locked.

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