Who is working on the McKinsey & Co of web3?

Not sure if this is the right place for this so feel free to let me know:

who is working on building the McKinsey of web3? Let’s call it “agencyDAO” for the time being… !

there are no employees. Freelancers are pulled in on projects as needed. Structure is amorphous. Freelancers get governance tokens for each project they complete.

governance tokens used for things like electing Partners. Partners responsible for sales and coordinating projects. Partners get public-facing ratings!:star::star::star::star::star: from clients based on performance.

Freelancers get internal ratings (by area of focus) so Partners know which freelancer to pick for building out blockchain-based ticket counter for an airline, for example.

Bc it’s on chain, agencyDAO can be paid based on performance. Did agencyDAO increase ticket sales? It will be publicly provable whether they did.

Curious to know who is working on this… Please tag below.

Currently I run a grant writing consultancy paid on performance. Depending on the needs of each project we hire different freelancers. Could be the perfect fit for a DAO w/ distributed ownership… how can I make this work?

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