What to mine? Old proven or new undervalued coins?

Hi guys! I am a newbie, and I would like to get a piece of advice from elder dudes.

Does it make sense to spend resources on mining well-known coins, the price of which is growing too slowly? Or should I bet on undervalued coins, which may (!) grow rapidly in the future? Or is it too risky in your opinion?

I understand that the question is more about the risk profile of each miner, but still… Thank you.

P.S. If a thread with such a discussion already exists, then please give me the link - I will move the question there.

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Mining and investing should be two separate activities IMO. It’s more profitable to mine whichever coin you can get the most USDC from selling, then trade your USDC for the better long term investment, and you’ll get more of it.

If you deep dive into any project fundamentals you can reduce risk to near 0.
If by “mining” you think about “liquidity mining” always stick to token pairs which you intend to hold in the long run (tier 1 in portfolio) and LP on platform as xDai because with low fees you can have active management. For example, if you are long-term holder of ETH and DXD, you should provide liquidity for that pair. For active management I mean that you can move funds around by yourself in a passive LP manner, don’t confuse that with Uniswap v3 active management - its active LP providing that with given strategies (gamma, bollinger) bring you permanent loss.