What is the best project for identity management on Ethereum?

I just visited the tax office on my island. I had to do an address change and that of my wife. Just moving from number 95 to 80 D.

I pulled my local identity card and said that I wanted to change my address. He looked up in the system, printed a file of my current address put a stamp on it and wrote the new address and said to me to come in two weeks and pick the new file.

I asked if he could change my wife’s address and he said: No, you need an ID card of here and a written permission that she wants her address changed.

I thought:

How can this be done differently on Ethereum? How can I sit at home or in my car and pull up my wallet and do this transaction?

How can my wife pick up her wallet and authorize me to do this transaction for her?

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Can Daostack help?

Is there already an identity project running on Daostack that takes care of identity management?

If not: I would love to run a pilot on our Curadao.io pilot on Curacao.

If you are working on this and you would like to contribute or share knowledge let me know and pm me on telegram @runycalmera.


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if you are still interested, i am currently building an identity management system on layer 2 [polygon protocol] ill love to hear back. you can hit me up by mail too.