What do people want to do on Alchemy?

Onboarding and activation open discussion

What do people want to do on Alchemy (and online in general)?

Hello fellow DAO netizens,

First of all, you’re all sincerely awesome for being here in the DAO ecosystem, think about it for a moment :slight_smile: :seedling:

There are currently challenges in onboarding and activation that are very important to address sooner rather than later for us to grow a thriving DAOstack ecosystem. I’ll list some things that keep coming up.

Often the best way to experience what does ‘being in a DAO’ mean is through onboarding, I’ve personally onboarded several people, but, we’ve got some challenges to solve there:

  • The process feels cold and mechanical as there isn’t a social forum where everyone is able to introduce themselves. We may want to encourage an intro post on DAOtalk and share that link instead of Google doc, people can see other’s intro posts too, would that make people feel they’re in a community already? Could we give them a Kudos/DAO specific POAP style NFT/Mention on social media? cc @Luuk

  • Should we even onboard as many people as possible to Genesis? Maybe there should there be an ‘Onboarding sandbox DAO’ where people can see the basics, apply for funding of some locked GEN in exchange for an easy predefined task without going so deep into Genesis so fast? Also to reduce noise from Genesis as not all participants will be interested in Genesis anyway.

  • A comment that kept coming up when shared with product manager friends whom I’ve walked through the onboarding process: There isn’t a loop here, after a person has been onboarded, then what? cc @alexz

This leads to the next topic which is activation and/or retention:

On the one hand, we want people to be involved, on the other hand, resources are scarce, so it ends up that only few more politically and entrepreneurial capable members are active and engaged and the majority drops off till further notice, rarely do they resurface and when they do it’s mostly when an active member asks them to vote For or Against a proposal.

Important questions that come to mind:

  • Should we focus on onboarding DAO founders who can fund their DAO rather than everyone and their cousins?

  • If we do focus on onboarding DAO founders, how do we best equip them with and create conditions that will support them?

How to we support DAO founders?

  • Product and Tech
    Things that come to mind building a program for DAO founders combining dOrg’s DAO launcher (@dOrgJelli, @orishim) , @FelipeDuarte’s DAO canvas, @Grace DAO leadership training.

  • Community reach and GEN economy
    Things that come to mind are:

  1. Partnering with with kickass projects that would be complementary (Scuttlebutt community?)

  2. Creating community alliances benefits (not sure what those would be), might be including in the proposed Genesis Alliance, we’ve already got several ventures and communities in the ecosystem (dOrg, PolkaDAO, dxDAO, dHack, DAOfest, CuraDAO, bitfwd, GreaterThan maybe I forgot some?) how do we create a cohesive culture (Enspiral ecosystem is an inspiration in that regard, can we apply some of their culture configuration methods? cc @Kate and @Fran)

It’s importnat to create a loop is because otherwise any KPIs or metrics we set aren’t built on solid foundations. With a small budget it’s not too difficult to onboard 1000 people to a DAO, but, then what do they do on the DAO?

It’s actually not realistic to expect high numbers of repeat proposals when there isn’t a mechanism for funding growth, so metrics related to that put too much strain on whoever will have to achieve them.

Can we create an official Alchemy task force that is responsible to coordinate valuable sell-able work output to attract 3rd party funding of DAOs?

So far the best loop proposal we have is get some locked-GEN and earn REP or lock your GEN and earn REP, that’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Do we have any other ideas for loop and economic sustainability that will encourage repeat participation?

Have a great weekend


Just some thoughts…

I think many of these issues could be resolved through the development and continuous use of a bounty network within Genesis.

While I would love to become a member of the GenesisDAO, I also find no real benefit in doing so. A major issue for me is that, at the moment I have nothing of value to contribute to Genesis DAO directly outside of communicating my vision as a potential DAOFounder through the DAOStack Communication Channels.

Many proposals that have been made have originated from individuals who desire to participate, but are forced to guess as to what the community may want or may find valuable. This ‘guessing’ is extremely problematic for retention rates within a DAO, as many individuals are starting at different stages of DAOStack knowledge and rather by learning through doing, they must constantly play a game of ‘catch-up’ in order to understand the wants of the community.

Most of the funds coming in each month are earmarked for pre-determined projects of value (dOrg, DAO’sMind, etc). <<These projects are extremely important for the growth of GenesisDAO and DAOStack, and I have no problems with these being funded and prioritized.

However, retaining active and participating members requires direction, guidance, and most importantly, work to be done. As someone who is following the progression of GenesisDAO, and witnessing all the amazing features being developed for future DAOFounders such as myself, I have no problems with the amount of active users or low participation rates.

With that being said, if these metrics are a priority for this community, I would urge them to put people to work. What good is locking GEN and holding REP if I can only participate as a spectator?

As a solution, If we want to see more participation, I think there needs to be leaders within DAOStack that can articulate the needs of incremental developments that lead to large pieces of informational/digital infrastructure being built over-time.

For example, If members of GenesisDAO were to articulate a list (hello RCR) of things that will assist the community in the long-term, such as a comprehensive exploration of Bonding-Curves within DAOStack, we could set aside a very small amount of funds/reputation for individuals who are willing to write an introduction page for Bonding Curves, followed a month later for a bounty to develop an outline for the comprehensive exploration of this topic.

The potential of a bounty network could help to establish a process for the articulation of long-term goals of the DAO, the incremental development and distribution of informational infrastructures, and increase retention rates and active users at minimal cost to the DAO.

This is done and is undergoing the process of being voted in by GenDAO :sparkles:

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