Weekly Genesis Digests

#9 Genesis Digest | Fri, May 10th

New here? Ask us anything! There are no stupid questions :slight_smile:


Genesis DAO calendar

The Genesis weekly call is the best way to be in sync with the community. The structure usually consists of short introductions, important updates, a collective exercise or discussion and a selection of topics to open small breakout rooms.

The DAOify workshop + hackathon will happen this Wednesday, the 15th from 10am to 6pm at the Bushwick Generator. Martin Koppelman from Gnosis will also give a short presentation about the dxDAO in the morning. Join us for NYC blockchain week!

#Workshop DGov
“online workshop to test and enhance DAO concepts, mechanics and ideas”
Next @DAOincubator DAO Crash Test Online Workshop will happen on May 22. Register here
Notes from previous session

Tuesday the DAO creation and design working group had its first call. Consensus was reached about using the group to focus mainly on one DAO project at a time. The call will happen once a month and prioritize actions to optimize the workflow. Ping @franpick if you weren’t in the last call and would like an invite for the following ones. Check out the notes.

@arsena21 Eric is organizing a Budgeting session call. Ping him if you would like to participate


#research #taxonomy #dApp-integration #accountability
This is a all-in-one type of link. It formally proposes the onboarding of the DAOincubator to the Genesis DAO, it brings back the research working group originally initiated by Matan and revived by @pedroparrachia and @GraceRachmany as a deliverable of their Research on Search Engines proposal. It links @arsena21 Budget 101 investigation and presents the rationale for an integration of Alchemy and Discourse. Enjoy!

If you haven’t read the amazing Decentralized Thriving yet, download your copy now!

From Genesis Weekly Call

dOrg receives $30,000 from Gnosis’ Ecosystem Fund to build bonded curves for DAOs, read the full announcement. Don’t know about token bonding curves? Read this explanation!

Framework for use cases created by @NaveRachman


The quiet ending feature was activated for this proposal and the voting period extended. Extra rep and GEN are being required as a reward for participation. The argument for downvotes is that participation is automatically rewarded by the protocol and that this behavior could potentially be unhealthy for the DAO if it becomes a practice since many people participate with different intensities. This seems like a good time to discuss our shared values of contribution. What is a good proposal? What do we want to be?

On the last weekly call, kate proposed a breakout session discussion on how do we vote. Interesting different approaches. Share your insights if you haven’t yet!


Jeremy @jer979 created a delivery plan for GenDAO DMO proposal that is worth to use as an example of successful accountability. Take a minute to browse inside and look at the resources attached to it.

The DAOincubator proposes to join Genesis as an organization. This would be the first time this bridge is made in the Genesis DAO. The premise is that reputation is allocated to the org the same way as it is for individuals. The DAOincubator is in a pre-DAO stage itself and will eventually become a DAO connected to other DAOs, incubating the creation of more DAOs :slight_smile: Read more about it here.

Genesis has 14 live proposals, have fun voting and staking!

_If you haven’t submitted your first proposal yet and could use some support, please contact @liviade or @eriktrodrigues and we’ll be happy to help!

Reports and Feedback:

If you have any suggestions or feedback to the UX/UI of Alchemy, please share it here.

If you find any bugs on Alchemy, share it straight with the dev team in this github page.

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#10 Genesis Digest | Fri, May 17

Getting ready for the weekend with @pedroparrachia :wink:


Talking about parties… cre8 @jwaup and the Bushwick Generator community are hosting the wrap up celebrations of NYC blockchain week, bring your cipher id and talk to us if you need a free ticket code.

DAOstack is hiring an open source community developer to join the ecosystem team. If you think this is perfect to you, apply now or send it to that friend that would love to work with us!

The onboarding process is going through and overhaul and the first call of our new structure will host the “start your own DAO” master @NaveRachman. This is a great opportunity to gather your questions around:

  • What do you need to be able to start your own DAO
  • different DAO use cases and get feedback on yours!
  • What is possible with the current protocol

Please share you questions in advance here so we can make the best use of the time

When? Monday 20/05 | 9am CEST (first call) and 4pm CEST (second call)

Where: https://zoom.us/j/776408786 Reach out to @eriktrodrigues to be added to the event on the Genesis Community calendar.

A conference for decentralized patterns of organizing | London, June 27th and 28th

Our DAOstack+dOrg hackathon happened on Wednesday and many exciting projects came up from it! More info will be shared soon in a blog post, stay tuned!

#Alchemy/ Genesis update

From @zak_alex
“Hey everyone :slight_smile:

We just deployed a version of alchemy that should fix a bunch (visual and functional) bugs, bigger changes coming soon :)”

Also from Alex: “Due to some technical reasons, we had to incentivise the execution of boosted proposals as soon as possible. The incentive gives a portion of the upstake to whoever executes the boosted proposal first. To make it a strong incentive, the portion increases as time goes by until it reaches 100% of the upstake.

We have noticed that someone has built a bot that does just that and has so far collected several hundred dollars worth of GEN.

Although we are grateful for the service this bot is providing, we think it is too high of a price. So we decided to build a bot of our own to drive the price down to something more reasonable…We already have a beta in the working, so hopefully it will be ready very soon…”

This feature has generated controversy since many people didn’t know about it and end up losing some GEN. Adam and Matan came to the Genesis call to answer everyone’s questions. You can watch it here or find more info under external boosting in this Genesis.2/8 doc.

From @StratisKaradakis:

“The Genesis DAO now has 948 DAI!

My proposal to exchange 5 ETH for DAI recently passed and therefore I traded 5 ETH for DAI at a price of around $190 using Ethfinex Trustless and sent 948 DAI back to the Genesis DAO wallet. The Alchemy UI doesn’t show the DAI balance but you can see it on Etherscan)”

This means you can officially submit a proposal and be funded with DAI!


#DAO landscape mapping

#genesis weekly call recording

#DAO newsletter


Take a minute to share your feedback to the pre-proposals!!

#Decentralized Marketing Organization Core module list

#gen dao boosting fund

#pre-proposal optimization

_If you haven’t submitted your first proposal yet and could use some support, please contact @liviade or @eriktrodrigues and we’ll be happy to help!

Reports and Feedback:

If you have any suggestions or feedback to the UX/UI of Alchemy, please share it here.

If you find any bugs on Alchemy, share it straight with the dev team in this github page.


#11 Genesis Digest I Sat, 25 May

Your narrative packed weekly newsletter is here!


DAO Ecosystem

DAOstack is offering a 2000$ referral bounty for anyone who suggests a person (and the person is eventually hired) for the role of facilitating the development of application and modules by partners and members of the DAOstack’s ecosystem, more here: https://angel.co/company/daostack/jobs/559183-open-source-community-developer-remote

A community led DAO created to fund proposals related to Polkadot: PolkaDAO is live!. Since the inception of PolkaDAO we’ve… | by Polkadot | Polkadot Network | Medium


@Luukweber speaks on behalf of the Curadao, an experiment aimed at creating sustainable development in Curacao. Check the aftermovie for the 2-day DAO workshop funded by Genesis here. Luuk has also submitted all of the workshop’s material (presentation slides, learnings, tips) to the folder linked in this thread.

@jer979 invites interested Genesis denizens to participate to the DMO Module kick-off call on 28.05, feel free to collaborate and add suggestions to this doc.

@AdrienDLT is giving away ETH for weekly calls notetakers, reach him out!

The new onboarding process has it’s next session scheduled with @Franpick about the Genesis Community culture and everything outside the protocol. This is a great opportunity to gather your questions around:

  • Learn how the community connects, collaborates and gets work done

  • How to make sense of the Genesis DAO culture

  • Get an overview of all key resources you should know about, such as guides, repositories and documentation.

When? Monday 03/06 | 4pm CEST

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Reach out to be added to the event on the Genesis Community calendar.

Alchemy Updates


From @zak_alex
“Hey everyone, we just deploied another small version of alchemy… :slight_smile:

This version makes alchemy a little faster, but more importently it has much better gas estimation, so you won’t see any more 25$ voting transactions… :sweat_smile:

Your UX/UI feedback on Alchemy Earth is much appreciated, collaborate here: Collected Alchemy 2.0 UX/UI Feedback


[#Baby steps to start your own DAO slides](Baby steps - Google Slides)

[#Baby steps to start your own DAO recording](zoom_0.mp4 - Google Drive)

[#Genesis Weekly Call notes](Genesis Call Agenda & Notes 21.05.2019 - Google Docs)

#[How to fund your proposal by DAO blog post by @dsolovyev](How to fund your proposal by DAO? | by Dmitry Solovyev | Medium)

Proposal ideas curation by @arsena21

Last week there were 8 proposal ideas added to Trello. Here are brief descriptions of them (note they also link to the trello card in case any of them draw your attention).

  • UI support on Alchemy Earth that enables the community to curate community media pieces: Trello

  • A plug n’ play template to be deployed in workshops to assist in group creation of a single proposal: Trello

  • Co-created publication focused on the impressions of newcomers towards a DAO experience: Trello

  • Vlog about the state of Genesis to share to a broader audience: Trello

  • A Genesis DAO rap… https://trello.

  • A Working Group that creates templates of all kinds. Might be worth investigating if this is needed first: Trello

  • Taking the various aspects of the weekly newsletter and crowdsourcing it from the community: Trello

  • Outline how guruDAO could work: Trello

Please let Eric know if you’ve got any proposal ideas lying around as he’ll gently add them to the Genesis Trello Board.

In this mean time, proposal ideas are being tracked in this file.

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12 Genesis Digest I Sat, 1 June

While the #meme DAO is still picking up, let’s share some love <3

If you just arrived

Come to the #genesis-DAO-off-chain

The new onboarding process has it’s next session scheduled with @Franpick about the Genesis Community culture and everything outside the protocol. This is a great opportunity to gather your questions around:

  • Learn how the community connects, collaborates and gets work done
  • How to make sense of the Genesis DAO culture
  • Get an overview of all key resources you should know about, such as guides, repositories and documentation.

When? Monday 03/06 | 4pm CEST

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Reach out to be added to the event on the Genesis Community calendar.

DAO Ecosystem

Check out this cute thread Pat put up about our DAO ecosystem

Alchemy Updates

Alex will be at the next Genesis weekly call to talk about the last Alchemy updates, prepare your questions :slight_smile:


_Joining the GEN predictors network

_Dgov May updates

_DMO pitch deck

_New ways to distribute reputation in a new DAO

_Submission, voting and staking guide for the Identity DAO

_Organization Science have put out a call for papers on “Emerging Technologies and Organizing”, mentioning blockchain, by @JackALaing -

_My DAO experiment part 2 by @arsena21

_DAO R&D list of resources curated by @dOrgJelli

_Blockathon wg call notes

_Genesis Weekly Call notes


_A bounty and or escrow mechanism has been highly discussed in the past few weeks, especially because it could facilitate “makers” to be more active in the DAO. Alex has put up a proposal to start working it and Nave recently shared the draft of a solution “to allow different types of contributors, each with their own skills, knowledge or interests, to collaborate on a single project, using a thread of proposals”

_Code of conduct

_How does a DAO go fractal? D2D interaction, onboarding

_Proposals Tracking: could it be automated?

Proposal ideas curation by @arsena21

Last week there were 8 proposal ideas added to Trello. Here are brief descriptions of them (note they also link to the trello card in case any of them draw your attention).

  • Create an online version of the DAO canvas which walks you through every part of the process Trello
  • A single universal redemptions page where I can go and redeem my rewards from any DAO Trello
  • Allow DAOs to create bounty proposals within Alchemy Trello
  • Series of short stories or comics… for the community to create Trello
  • Mythopoetic hackathon. Not exactly sure what this is to be honest… Trello
  • Genesis Alpha Visual ID Trello
  • Create a boilerplate way for GenDAO to vote in the dxDAO Trello

Please let me (@arsena21) know if you’ve got any proposal ideas lying around! I can add them to the board.


13 Genesis Digest I Sat, 8 June

This week’s curation by Erik Rodrigues

@anjablaj-:desert_island::muscle: bringing DAO to the Caribbean islands! :heart:

Pollinators @rubenrussel7 @anjablaj and @Luukweber hosted a blockchain & DAO event in Trinidad and Tobago on June 7th (Organize a DAO workshop in Trinidad and test the waters for a pan-caribbean DAO - Google Sheets), Genesis/Alchemy were introduced alongside a DAO Canvas workshop for the attendees to co-design the TriniDAO. If you’re in the area, join their endeavour to create a pan-Caribbean DAO.

Onboarding session of the week:

(Genesis DAO off-chain: what happens outside the protocol)

@Franpick recorded the #genesis-dao-off-chain onboarding session, a resource to orient new Genesis users towards community culture and everything that happens outside the protocol - making work more enjoyable, enhancing collaboration, welcoming new members, building a shared culture.

During the session, Fran guides the users through the cultural agreements of our community, our Code of Conduct, our connectivity devices, such as our weekly calls and communication channels, our knowledge base, the Navigation HUB, working groups, collaborative taskforces to develop proposals aligned with specific fields of work, and our toolkit for decentralized organizations, The TAO of the DAO.


_@katebee UPDATE/REMINDER: Please submit proposals requesting any GEN lost due to the GEN bot execution issue previously discussed. A friendly reminder that Alchemy is in alpha and these sorts of issues happen.

_@AdrienDLT offered to pay Note Takers of the Weekly Pollinator Calls from January 2019 to May 22nd 2019. 30 Pollinators were contacted through PM, 11 reported taking notes and 14.5h of Note Taking will be rewarded. Here’s a snapshot of the note taking hall of fame:

_@exponent invites the Genesis Community to participate in the Art Blockathon (blockathon — Blocumenta) during June 14-16. The blockathon will allow for online participation via Alchemy. Join the conversation here: https://t.me/bitfwd

_@elementarycomplexity wants to share his new baby with the community (Daofest.io)

-GEN is now available on Uniswap (https://uniswap.exchange/swap) and @katebee attested it’s super easy to use.

-Join @arsena21 in his endeavour to crowdsource a Genesis DAO’s logo (Crowdsourcing Genesis DAO Logo and Brand - Google Docs)

Featured Proposal

_@pepo proposal to help the Genesis Community store circumstantial information in a wiki format alongside other DAOs (A (partially) on-chain wiki for Genesis)


_Genesis Weekly Call 4/06 notes (Genesis Call Agenda & Notes 4.06.2019 - Google Docs)

_@AdrienDLT DAOstack + GenDAO Report (DAOstack & GenDAO Report - v1.0 - Google Docs)

_@bobjiang Translation of the “how to self onboard to a DAO” article to chinese (awesome-dao/how-to-onboard-yourself-daostack.md at master · HiBlock/awesome-dao · GitHub)

_@patdaostack Creating a DAO within Alchemy (Creating a DAO within Alchemy)

_@maxsemenchuk newsletter offers a snapshot of the wider DAO ecosystem (#dgov May Updates 🌞. Hi my dear org hackers, Max here. | by Max Semenchuk | DGOV Foundation Blog | Medium)

_@AdrienDLT article Token Supply 101: Fundamentals of Token Supply - and monetary policy (https://medium.com/@AdrienBe/token-supply-101-fundamentals-of-token-supply-and-monetary-policy-a20cc761f6ec)


_Research: DAO user archetypes (Weekly Genesis Digests)

_How do we want to flag negative behavior in Genesis (A (partially) on-chain wiki for Genesis)

Proposal ideas curation by @arsena21

Last week there was a single proposal idea added to Trello.

• Scheme for pre-proposals to allow signaling for them within Alchemy Trello

Please let me (@arsena21) know if you’ve got any proposal ideas lying around! I can add them to the board.


14 Genesis Digest | Sat, Jun 15

by Erik and Livia


Don’t hesitate to ask for help, but dyor o/

And when it comes to catching-up…

This week in Genesis community call Kate Beecroft has facilitated a retrospective workshop on the latest happenings in our community. Any suggestions on concrete steps we can take further on?


_Blocumenta, the art blockathon organized by @exponent is happening this weekend in Sydney, Australia. The DAO is live and the participation of the Genesis community is highly encouraged. This is the first experimental use case of a DAO for a decentralized hackathon. The parameters were set to be very quick. “From proposal initiation to execution the minimum is three hours if immediately boosted” says @Theeylon who is also stirring the ETH Berlin DAO with a similar concept.

_From @stratis:

The Guide to Everything ETHBerlin

The 3 day hackathon will take place in August 23-25 and will feature a newly founded DAO powered by DAOstack where winners will be decided via vote.

This DAO will also be responsible for ensuring the projects will get to completion after the hackathon through a continuous funding mechanism.”

One of the most important issues a decentralized hackathon aims to tackle is collusion. Vitalik recently wrote a paper on it, check it out.

_The year of the DAO - Meet up in Slovenia - June 19th in Ljubljana

_Register now to DAOfest. The event organized by @Elementarycomplexity will happen during Berlin blockchain week and will explore the 3 following questions:

Why and how to launch a DAO?

How to become a DAO Citizen?

How far has the industry come?

Volunteer and speaking positions are still open for submission.

_Gensis DAO branding competition! Show off your creative skills :wink:

Genesis/Alchemy update

_Collaborate with Alchemy’s development and submit your opinion to the roadmap survey:

_ #redemptions-fix // #uniswap // #multiple-protocol

_“GenDAO now holds REP in the dxDAO! The locking of 10 ETH in the dxDAO on behalf of the Genesis DAO has been executed: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xcb1a4b08a9c5921f8b9f8cce7a441ec21ae778cc477b7e739fdee5436830f197 Thank you @ooo8888ooo for making this happen!” from @dOrgJelli


_dOrg has created the first Limited Liability DAO - BBLLC (blockchain based limited liability company) || Original press release

_”Creating the DAOstack & GenDAO Report lead me to explore areas of GenDAO that were not explored yet. I will be brief & let the data speaks for itself” From @AdrienDLT

_Facilitate new Pollinators onboardings with @AdrienDLT quick introduction to submit proposals!

Featured Media

Open Alchemy’s and the Genesis DAO blackbox. Joining the GEN Predictors Network blog post covers an in depth analysis of the Prediction Mechanism design built in DAOstack’s DAOs.

Unfamiliar with the utility of the GEN token and DAOstack’s holographic consensus mechanism? Start here.


_Identity verification protocols

_A partially on chain wiki for Genesis

_Different streams to work, how can I help?

_ How does a DAO goes fractal?

Genesis has now 18 proposals, check them out!


15 Genesis Digest | Sat, Jun 22



Is Bureaucracy the enemy of the Dancing Star?


The Genesis DAO branding competition was extended to the 31st of July, put that idea machine to work and submit your concept!

_Blocumenta was a huge success! @exponent and @dthwaites did an unprecedented onboarding work to bring artists and developers into the Blockathon DAO. I recommend you browse the DAO history to see how many proposals were submitted over the weekend. Daniel wrote a detailed blog post where you can understand more about the whole blockathon process: DAO #Blockathon Experiment — discovery mission to the #Cyberwilderness

Check out these two pieces published by participants of the event

Genesis/Alchemy update

_Genesis has now 22 proposals. This is the highest onchain activity of the past months. check them out!

_If you find any bugs, please report them to the tech support channel


_The year of the DAO, watch the talks here!

In @elementarycomplexity words, the talk’s agenda was:

“I started with an aspirational talk (agency comes of Age) followed by @AnnaMSGeorge’s thorough technical demo of the DxDAO;

Then @cryptodani showed us the magic of advanced permissions on Aragon and made some large scale political provocations, followed by @pet3rpan ‘shut up and ship it and fork while you’re at it’ POV finishing off with a productive malcontent rant by @GraceRachmany challenging us all to think deeper about value and decision making mechanisms + a panel.

Audience remained engaged way above average - so format is not innovative, but there was a sort of triumph in curatorship in my opinion.”

_This is the beginning of a resources list to facilitate event planning. If you already organized one with Genesis, please help us populate this repository :slight_smile:

_Aragon, DAOstack, Colony, Moloch - a contrast of the essential approaches of four Ethereum DAO projects.

_@bobjiang translated the article “reputation vs tokens” to chinese.

_Blockathon wg notes

Recommended by the community~

Radical Markets: Fireside Chat: Glen Weyl and Jaron Lanier By @dOrgJelli

What post scarcity means? by @Oracuse

Featured Media

Trinidad DAO conference deliverables, a full roadmap of an event with multiple education related activities, appropriate material to be remixed by other members planning meetups.


_Genesis DAO bookkeeping for funds in ETH & GEN

_How does a DAO find the right people?

_How much is your proposal worth?

_Time banking App for CuraDAO

Proposal ideas, collected by @arsena21

Two proposal ideas were added to Trello from Genesis discussions over the last week. Please let me know if you are looking for something to work on!

  • “Events” best practices, experiences and insights (so we can snap our fingers and create awesome Meetups or whatever other events we dream up) Trello
  • Marketing Dashboard (DAO wide dashboard on different campaigns) Trello
  • Genesis DAO bookkeeping (from DAOtalk thread here) Trello
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16 Genesis Digest | Sat, Jun 28

Did I hear mobile integration?


_Do you want to plan a meetup with Genesis?

This page is dedicated to support the organization and realization of meetups all over the globe. Please contact us if you need anything extra, let’s spread the DAO word.

_DAOfest is getting its voice! Check out the first speakers added to the list!

_What do you need to start your own DAO? From @StratisKaradakis

Basically, three things:

(1) shared goal or mission which the DAO will have

(2) shared resource that the DAO will manage

(3) a core community of Reputation holders who will bootstrap the DAO


_Reputation curated registry

_Clarification on the redemption issue

_Introducing the Prague DAO

_Genesis call notes

_Check out the art Blockathon video

_The era of legally compliant DAOs

_The Thrill and Challenges of Crypto Innovation by @jer979

_My DAO experiment part 3 by @arsena21

I want to highlight the importance of sharing our experiences like Eric is doing with this comment from @Jantinine

_Blocumenta Art Blockahon video detailing the experience of the most creative #Blockathon of the year!

Recommended by the community

_“food for thought on participation as the generator of unique experiences” By @Elementarycomplexity

Featured Media

_How to use the scheme registrar


_Do we have a culture of bureaucracy in Genesis?

_Why Gen for prediction?

_How much is your proposal worth?

Genesis has now 19 proposals. check them out!

If you find any bugs, please report them to the tech support channel

If you need help submitting your first proposal, talk to @liviade or @erikrodrigues. For anything related to the stack, contact @shivgupt . We’ll be happy to help you! :wink:

The weekly digests are curated by Livia and Erik, we would love to have the community participating in this, as well as creating other types of curation. Feel interested? Let’s talk about it o/

17 Genesis Digest | Sat, Jul 6

By @erikrodrigues

_@Jantinine invited @liviade to present DAOstack and the Genesis community in Ape Unit’s office in Berlin!

_@papa_raw invites us all to decentralize the ecosystem’s chats!

Hey all —

As Genesis continues to grow it’s important and encouraged to generally decentralize chats from this channel and find ecosystemic niches :bug: that everyone can thrive in :sunny::seedling:

There are a number of other chats supported by the DAOstack team to help facilitate this process — but they are by no means the only ones available! Many communities comprise Genesis and we encourage the creation of channels beyond the team supported channels as it will be impossible to rapidly scale by simply using one channel💪

If you have a community / channel that’s part of the DAOstack ecosystem and would like it to be included in the pinned post, please reach out, and I’d be happy to add it!


_Genesis Community had a call for APAC timezone pollinators organized by @shivgupt, check notes here!

_MakerDAO is looking for DAO Builders, check the job description!

_@jossbot ALGORITHM OF DONATED DREAMS proposal has been approved! Reach out to her to participate in it’s mysterious set of activities.

_@arsena21 Short survey regarding the Genesis DAO Branding Competition!

Alchemy Updates

_@papa_raw :ant: New bug update stakers have been having issues redeeming failed proposals. A fix should be rolled out in the next week

_highlight to @leviadam updates, coming soon, probably next week:

:pineapple:Official Support for: Metamask, Portis, Walletconnect standard (used by Gnosis Safe, etc)

:pineapple:Mobile support

:pineapple:Improve Performance (faster page loading & so on)


_DAO and Programmable Economy by @HiddenMass

_Ultra-liquid Labor Markets by @arsena21

_Weekly Genesis Call notes

_Facebook, Smithereens and the end of the US dollar Hegemony by @jer979

_Trinidad&Tobago DAO event recap by @anjablaj

_Facebook Libra: The thread and opportunity for New Zealand by @mark_pascall


_@papa_raw kicked off an interesting discussion towards food independence, at the same time the community is onboarding new users tackling physical world issues through DAO implementations, shall we unite and collaborate?

_Treasury Management: funding GenDAO with DAI

_@pepo DAO’s Mind: A multiperspective wiki for Alchemy proposal discussion

_@talfco shares his experience in the DAO economy as his micro-company has just been funded by Kyber DAO

18 Genesis Digest | Sat, Jul 13

A little bit of thought-provoking: Is life (or at least a part of it) evolving into blockchain based systems? From Philippe Honigman’s “What is a DAO?” article:

“DAO” clearly designates something broader than the typical definition of “organization” — a social group which brings people together and works toward a common purpose. Vitalik thus defines a DAO as “an entity that lives on the internet and exists autonomously, but also heavily relies on hiring individuals to perform certain tasks that the automaton itself cannot do.” Richard Burton is even more explicit: “DAO is a fancy way of saying a digital system living on Ethereum.”


Genesis Beta high-level vision and map shared by @katebee in our last community call


_CuraDAO is live! Be the first one to submit a proposal! Contact @Luukweber, @rassenguy or @rubenrussel7 about how to get involved!

_By @arsena21 - The “one pager” proposal which recently got approved morphed into “posters” which we can printed off for DAO events or even posted around our cities gorilla style! Here are drafts, would love to get some thoughts / feedback (QR will link to DAO info page)! http://prntscr.com/obhg8z , http://prntscr.com/obhgeb , http://prntscr.com/obhghm

_@papa_raw and @dOrgJelli were teaching high schoolers about DAOstack at the Bushwick Generator

_@CyberRabbit88 is organizing the Promethean Fire meetup in London,

join the discussion!

_@exponent presented Alchemy and lots of other interesting projects in Auckalnd, keep an eye out, Koala DAO is coming!

Alchemy Updates

  • show expired proposals with rewards in the redemptions page
  • new loading animation for alchemy :slight_smile:
  • unclaimed redemptions indicator
  • added coin switch and liquid to the buy gen options
  • Fixed some UI bugs in the staking popup, mobile DAO view, proposal pages, etc…


What is a DAO? A must read by Philippe Honigman

Introduction to dhack

DAOs marching forward part II

Fundraising module for the dxDAO


_Interesting discussions happening at @daodesign tg chat. A channel dedicated to use case mapping, strategy, incubation and design of the DAO ecosystem

Featured question from @Brianxv

Q: If someone created a DAO in DAOStack (like testDAO for example) would there be any maintenance costs?

A: Deployment of a DAO currently requires a few (3-4) transactions. Their price depends mostly on the number of addresses you want to list initially.

Governance costs: DAOstake (the automatic down stake the DAO places) is configurable, so you determine the cost, according to your DAO activity level and attention demand.

_Eylon is looking for someone to create a UI for this How to redeem your reputation as a DOT holder - Google Docs contact him if you have any ideas

Genesis has now 16 proposals, 51.43 ETH ~ 17.04k GEN ~ 454.77 DAI


19 Genesis Digest | Sat, Jul 20

By @pedroparrachia


Genesis Beta, your input needed


_dHack India is coming alive, the first 20 Genesis members that comment on the proposal will get reputation in the dHack DAO

_Let’s celebrate the launch of the Prague DAO incubator!

_Rio will host 3 DAOstack meetups that will take attendees on a journey through the pressing issues of centralized platforms and their impact in society in general, decentralization as a means to achieve self-sovereignty and lot’s of practical sessions from proposal writing to DAO conception with the DAO Canvas method kit. RSVP if you’ll be around: http://meetu.ps/e/GZ65B/KYpz1/a /Descentralizando - Organizações não hierárquicas no blockchain

_The Activism working group seems to be getting momentum to resurge impulsed by the food sovereignty discussion. What are the next steps to make this happen?

_If you are in SF and is all about DAO’s

_Share your DAO use-case ideas/projects at Telegram: Contact @daodesign


Libra, the future? Or return to the past

Ultra liquid ideas

The Agency comes of Age

DAO’s - an opportunity to challenge the status quo!

Lead like the great conductors - shared by @jer979

How to build a company where the best ideas win? - shared by @Theeylon

Genesis call notes

Archive initiative by Adrien



Interaction with dxDAO

DAO incubator on fractalization

D2D call notes

_@noahthorp wants to know if anyone is going to be at https://dwebcamp.org in SF. ~~

Question: How can we make a decentralized map of events going on around the globe, and see who’s attending to them?

_Multi-dimensional reputation

_Join the DAO Legal discussion

We want feedback o/

_Blockada DAO - @Swader

Genesis has now 13 proposals 39.9 ETH ~ 15.92 GEN ~ 457.77 DAI

If you need help to create your first proposal, don’t hesitate to talk to us!

This digest is created by Livia and Erik, you’re invited to collaborate and transform this into a piece of collective curation, hit us up :slight_smile:

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20 Genesis Digest | Fri, Jul 26

by @pedroparrachia


_dHack thread, you help requested! ETH India and ETH Berlin are approaching! How can you be a part of it?


_There is now an APAC friendly community call facilitated by @shivgupt every two weeks at 12pm GMT + 5:30h. The next one will be on August 6 2019. Contact her if you want to be in the calendar invite.

_Berlin Blockchain week ~DAO leadership workshop by @GraceRachmany

_@phoebetickell shared that Enspiral is hosting its first org training on practices for decentralized governance. Find out more about it here, and get in touch with her for scholarships if money is a problem!

_DAO meetup organized in Barcelona by @AdrienDLT with @Franpick

_@Luukweber is in Amsterdam working with The Next Web event and he’s looking for speakers, partners and also open to ideas on how to talk about DAOs, connect with him if you’re interested


_Quick overview of the CuraDAO

_DAO creation ~ Reputation

_Meaninful and inspiring context for CuraDAO suggested by @dragonfly

_Is Web 3.0 the next lifestyle brand? By @jer979

_Suggested by @xuann_cryptolab in the context of Archetypes

“The roots of civilization” Abdullah Ocalan

_Online hackathon picking up steam suggested by @arsena21

_Genesis western time community weekly call notes

_@rassenguy created an amazing series of videos for onboarding people into the CuraDAO, check them out:

1- https://youtu.be/Sn5UMYO7cBs

2- https://youtu.be/i-i1SV5ITeY

3- https://youtu.be/UOHuGQ0xbQM

4- https://youtu.be/kymNRXOBo_I


_Let’s talk about Rep! It’s worth to take a look here, many interesting replies were added to the initial post!

_What is the best logo for dHack?

_ https://sobol.io/

_Anonymous Humanity DAO bridge/clone

_“Launching the CuraDAO - Collaborative Innovation DAO on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

We want feedback o/

Tell Eylon what you think about the ETH India dHack proposal template

Genesis has now 13 proposals 3.6 ETH ~ 9.9k GEN ~ 454.77 DAI

If you need help to create your first proposal, don’t hesitate to talk to us!

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21 Genesis Digest | Fri, Aug 2

By @pedroparrachia

How can we improve our community work dynamics?


_dHack ETH India is starting today! Join the conversation and become part of the DAO! Learn more about it here

_If you’re in Berlin, come to ApeUnit DAO meetup on the 8th of August!

_DAOtalk now has a tagging system!

_@eriktrodrigues had a DAOstack meetup in Rio yesterday to tight decentralization into Brazil’s socio-political moment!

_Do you want to organize a meetup leveraged by Genesis? Collaborate to our working group, contact @liviade for more info

_Crypto Mondays is turning into a DAO!


_Dgov July newsletter

_Rap Journalism piece on Libra by community member @inverseK

_@jossbot @dnllvrvz @Elementarycomplexity and @StratisKaradakis were on Daniel Thorson’s Emerge podcast. Check it out!

_DAO fund initiative by @arsena21

_New DAOcast episode with Auryn Macmillan from Colony

_DeFi Token Trading In Java Using The Kyber Network #1

_Genesis Northern Hemisphere weekly call notes

_GenDAO accountability - contribute to the accountability track of the DAO - by @aresena21


_Email newsletter DAO idea by @arsena21 - Reach out to him if you would like to contribute

_Give feedback to Alchemy UI/ UX thread here

Genesis has now 13 proposals up for voting

Reach out if you need help submitting your first proposal


22 Genesis Digest | Tue, Aug 13


_Berlin Blockchain week is approaching and the DAOstack team will be hosting many exciting workshops and presentations!

20th - Join all team members and community at DAOfest, key-note by Matan Field

21st - 23rd - All team members at Dappcon

21st - Felipe Duarte // Agency comes of age

and Livia Deschermayer // Autonomy workshop at Web3 Summit

21st - Patrick Rawson at the Ethfinex Governance Games

23rd-25th - Eylon Aviv at ETHBerlin presenting the dHack

_Promethean Fire and the Ape Unit DAO events happened both on the 8th of August, the first in London and the second in Berlin bringing many interesting discussion around DAO use cases.

_@HiddenMass is stirring Moscow DAO community with http://www.DAO.associates, reach out to him if you’re around and would like to be involved!

_Are you a developer and just arrived to the community? This chat is for you


_Fractalizing DAOs by @pedroparrachia


_Eylon presentation at dHack

_Emerge Podcast - Utopia or Bust: Designing a Non Self-Terminating Civilization

_Do you want to be available as a speaker for future events organized by the community? Let’s celebrate our expertise’s/ talks/ workshops

_DAOstack developer Ben Kaufman featured in “From Ghana to the Bronx - Meet the teen bitcoiners building the future

_Last night a distributed cooperative organization saved my life - a brief introduction to discos - shared by @phoebetickell followed up by this reference article from @rubenrussel7

_Genesis call notes

_Learn more about the DAOfund

_Mapping DAO landscape today by Grace Rachmany


_Let’s talk about rep

_Mockups for Alchemy/ ux improvements


_Proposal accountability

We want feedback o/

From @mark_pascall - Development of a DAO university course

Genesis has now 15 proposals up for voting


23 Genesis Digest | Fri, Sep 20th

Meme by @pedroparrachia

How does it actually work? :upside_down_face:

Send your meme on the comments

Featured - underscore protocol by @pepoospina

Watch the demo. If you have any design perspectives/ ideas, share here!


The Genesis Logo contest needs your vote! See all of the submissions and add your vote in this file via comment

DAOcast is in a DAOification process! Message Danillo @dnllvrvz if you want to take part on a decentralized podcast

Visualize every DAO across DAOstack, Moloch, Aragon that you’re part of.


Resources for DAO events

DAOstack meetup in Barcelona organized by @AdrienDLT

Check out the slides of the presentations:

1/ The Future of Work via Genesis DAO & DAOstack, by Adrien Berthou:

2/ Sociocracy, Holacracy and … Participatory governance for DAO by Vincent van der Lubbe & Nikoline Arns:


@Elementarycomplexity hosted DAOfest in a boat in Hamburg and had 3 designed use cases out of the DAOcanvas methodology. If you would like to host a DAOfest in your city, contact Felipe to make it happen!

@Franpick presented Genesis as part of her “organizations of the Future” talk at Decathlon France.


An updated version of the medium post “An explanation of DAOstack in fairly simple terms” by @ezra_weller

Alchemy Earth - Fall Updates

TED talk - The four pillars of a decentralized society - shared by @Tatankanass

Self determination theory - shared by @Mettodo

DAOcats episode with Max Semenchuk

All you need to know about reputation

How buildings learn? Shared by @perlmutterlabs as an analogy to How DAOs learn

Dhack summary

Genesis call notes

DAOfest Berlin

Adam Levi presents his vision for Collaborative Networks

Jordan Ellis speaks about working with DAOstack’s open source Stack

Eylon Aviv speaks about dHack

Eric Arsenault presenting DAO fund

“Real DAOs, Real progress" panel

Rob Solomon presents on the challenge of decentralizing Consensys


Collaboration vs Competition structures

Creating a DAO within Alchemy

DAO member safety - mixing your funds

The correct decision

Support to a pollinator’s bounty

Understanding transaction fees when using DAOstack

An unaddressed conflict stake vs expertise

Communication - tools integration - 1 username for all

Genesis has now 25 proposals up for voting


24 Genesis Digest | Fri, Sep 27th

Meme by @perlmutterlabs

A redeem all feature was added to Genesis! Now you can redeem proposals individually as well as all of them at the same time! :fire:


_If you’re new here, it’s important to know of our community calls. They are the best place to hear and share updates, interact more personally with each other and expand specific topics during the breakout rooms.


_Let’s collaborate towards a more efficient onboarding process! The more voices that fill up this form and engage on this thread the better :slight_smile:

_Are you interested about food sovereignty and DAOs? Join the conversation

_@markpereir is starting a DAO podcast that will be available soon, stay tuned!


_@aarnold83 and @ElaKagel organized a DAO learning Journey event funded by Genesis on the 5th of September in Berlin. Take a look at this document they shared with the structure they used and the key takeaways of the event.

_Are you planning on organizing a DAO event or want to explain Genesis to someone and could use some help? Take a look at this list of slide presentations

_Daniel Schmachtenberger’s talk at Emergence shared by @Elementarycomplexity

_Genesis community call notes


_Budgeting with Genesis available funds - important discussion to bring back to the surface since the DAO is currently, although temporarily in debt.

_Collaboration vs competition structures

_What do you think about the “asking for rep” culture?

_Reputation Decay

Genesis has now 19 proposals up for voting


25 Genesis Digest | Fri, Oct 4th

Winning Genesis Logo contest submission, by @AdrienDLT

The new monthly amount from DAOstack Ltd. to Genesis DAO is $30k USD. You can keep track of the available funds here.

:bug:The bug catching season is on! If you find any, please report to the support chat .


_Digital Hikoi: Online Learning Journey in Solidarity for Earth & Indigenous will happen on the 5th, 7th and 9th of October. The event is a collaboration between @phoresced, @papa_raw and @Elementarycomplexity who created the Beyond Us initiative. Sign up here!

_If you’ re a hacker and wants to play with the stack this is the best place to start

_@eeeit is working on a political DAO product outline. He prepared this document with insights and questions which is open to everyone that wants to contribute.

_@katebee presented DAOstack, Alchemy and Genesis in a leading digital services agency in Milan this week.

_Learn more about Cheeze DAO, the first skill based DAO built on top of DAOstack by @JordanLzG


_Collective intelligence grants shared by @blackforestboi

_For filtered announcements go to the DAO Bulletin Board

_GenDAO exchange receipts

_Genesis weekly call notes


_Convivial crypto learning

_Values-Based DAOs

_Predictions Affecting Proposal Passing Chances

Genesis has now 21 proposals up for voting

it’ still time to participate on the Onboarding research! Let’s co-create a more welcoming and accessible community

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26 Genesis Digest | Fri, Oct 11th

Alchemy has now an info tab where you can see the parameters of each DAO, combined with the great Zendesk integration! This is an important feature since it provides accessible information inside the product. Anytime you wish to engage with other DAOs for the first time, just take a minute to check parameters like the queue periods and rep settings.


:fire: Protocol powered, DAO-governed, Decentralized, Scalable and Evolving Content. Check out the demo video to understand more about the fire potential of the Underscore Protocol


:tada: DAOfest is coming to Amsterdan! Organized by @Luukweber, it will happen on Wednesday, October 16, 19:00 . Contact him if you’re around and don’t miss out!

:vulcan_salute: Introduce yourself!


:earth_africa: The first interview of the DAO to Earth series is out! This episode brings @eric_rsno and his experience transitioning from the startup world into full time DAOist. DAO to Earth is a series of interviews focused on the Genesis community and is part of the DAOcast podcast, created and managed by @dnllvrvz!

:art: Now it’s easier to find and share the DAOcanvas. The new 0.3 version is coming soon!

:video_game: Mechanism design lessons from the makers of Ultima Online - shared by @Elementarycomplexity

:rocket: DAOs Winners and Losers - DAOs will change venture capital for the better. Shared by @exponent

:bridge_at_night: The eth1 to eth2 transition - shared by @Theeylon

:mag_right: DAOstack BizDev Strategy Overview, from @aarnold83 and @ElaKagel

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Relevant Futarchy Debate from 2010 shared by @pkarpisek


:money_with_wings: Let’s not get rekt: Workshop documentation-driven study group

:raising_hand_woman: Increasing voter participation rates in genesis

:writing_hand: Norm - Financial proposals minimum information

:mag_right: Contextualizing DAOstack Biz-Dev

:roller_coaster: Use Case Working Group

:zap: Genesis has now 15 proposals up for voting

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27 Genesis Digest | Fri, Oct 18th


Genesis 1.0 Update - Reputation


:computer: DAOstack ecosystem developer hiring opportunities

:studio_microphone: Listen to this weeks DAOcast, DAO to Earth series episode with @patdaostack

:left_speech_bubble: @GraceRachmany will be giving a DAO leadership workshop at the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit that will happen from the 4th to 8th of November

:writing_hand: When submitting a financial proposal make sure to include the Description- Alignment with the genesis DAO values - Budget breakdown - Due date to enhance accountability


:partying_face: A DAO FEST DAO is coming soon! If you want to organize a DAOfest in your city join us here

:four_leaf_clover: DAOfest Amsterdam brief recap - organized by @Luukweber

:four_leaf_clover: Detailed report of the DAO Meetup that happened in Barcelona on Wednesday - organized by @AdrienDLT


:globe_with_meridians: The high engagement level in this proposal signals the importance of the Identity validation discussions. I would like to add Democracy Earth “proof of human” implementation research into the talks.

:barber:DAOstack slide decks

:circus_tent: What do you use DAOs for? By @exponent

:busts_in_silhouette: On the importance of community oversight: Shifting dOrg’s funding to Genesis

:chains: Aragon is transitioning to their own Chain

:red_circle: Ruby Wu published this article in chinese about her proposal for the Chinese DAO landscape research


:black_circle: Genesis - Let’s Talk about Rep

:black_circle: DAOstack and China: What needs to be done? [BRAINSTORM]

:black_circle: Genesis 1.0 | Reputation

Genesis has now 12 proposals up for voting

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28 Genesis Digest | Fri, Oct 25th


:studio_microphone::earth_africa: New episode of the DAO to Earth series - “A great conversation with @pepoospina about Collective One, the Underscore Protocol and its possible connections with Alchemy”.

October Alchemy updates

:computer: Features and UX updates

  1. A popup is now available in the upper right hand corner where users can now redeem all redemptions available across all DAOs. When a new redemption is available, the “Redemption Star” is marked by a red indicator icon.

  2. List of voters in the Voters Popup, available to the left of the “For” button in the proposal menu now shows the user’s profile username, if they have selected one:

  3. Now Alchemy prevents the user from accidentally connecting with wrong networks and a notification is issued in case they are logged into their wallet for networks other than mainnet.

  4. A red notification icon now appears when a user has unread Disqus comments in the DAO’s Wall.

  5. Descriptive message while loading and waiting for information from caching layer

  6. Alchemy now supports ENSregistry scheme which will be featured in upcoming NecDAO. This will allow DAO to interact with ENS contract for eg. create DAO subdomains or to set name to eth address resolver for DAO

:cyclone: Optimisation

  1. The page loading time for Alchemy has been improved by with optimized queries and fewer subscriptions to the subgraph

  2. When you click on the proposal description icon the description link opens in a new tab, so you don’t exit Alchemy to see proposal details.

  3. Now for the returning Alchemy user they do not have to re-select which wallet to connect to Alchemy ( metamask, portis, walletConnect or fortmatic), instead the last selected choice will be detected automatically and used.

:hammer_and_pick: Minor UI updates

  1. Better DAO cards layout on mobile devices

  2. Hide WalletConnect provider option in mobile devices

  3. Fit wallet providers popup window for mobile devices

  4. Friendly display for error conditions (404 pages)

:microbe: Bugs Fixed

  1. Align headers of table in proposal history

  2. Re-add redeem for beneficiary button to proposal details page

  3. Fix error on initializing arc

  4. Fix infinite scroll loading of queued scheme proposals

  5. When the user changes current account in Metamask extension, alchemy now detects the account change and re-connects with the new Metamask account


:owl: The year of the DAO turning into the year of MolochDAO shared by @exponent

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Token Engineering Community

:framed_picture: DAOstack slide decks

:pencil2: Accountability in Decentralized Networks - The Moloch DAO case by @burakarikan

Proposal updates and accountability

:zap: dOrg - On the Importance of Community Oversight

:man_student: Mark Pascall is developing a University level DAO course

:gear: A Partially On-Chain Wiki for Genesis

:cn: Project update -DAO and Decentralized Collaboration Spreading to Chinese Community


:bell: DAO Diversity and Inclusion

:exclamation: Reminder - Genesis Code of Conduct

:low_brightness: DAOstack and China: What needs to be done? [BRAINSTORM]

:zap: Genesis 1.0 | Update

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Norm - Financial proposals minimum information

:robot: What would AI be useful for in a DAO?

:diving_mask: Identity verification discussion -

Identity and genesis DAO - kyc, full names, pseudonymous, anonymous

What are DAOstack’s thoughts around identity verification protocols?

Democracy Earth Identity Research

Members of DAO should…

Genesis has now 21 proposals up for voting

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