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#6 Genesis Digest | Fri, April 19th

The bloom of Alchemy also marks the bug catching season! Major upgrades were done as you can see in Alex message, but please keep reporting issues if you find any. Thanks to everyone involved in making this beautiful! :apple: @zak_alex @tibetsprague @jelle @BenKaufman @prometheus @OS @dragonfly


__AMA with Adam Levi, DAOstack co-founder and CTO will happen during the Genesis Alpha weekly call this Tuesday, April 23 at 5 pm CEST.

Devs and tech enthusiasts, prepare your questions and post them as a comment here.!

_This Trello board is available to be used as a dynamic tool for action! If you want something to do, check the board and see if any of the tasks are a good match. If you would love to see something happening but don’t have the time or skills to do it, add it to the board so others can pick from it. If you have any questions about it please contact @liviade or @eriktrodrigues and we’ll help you!

_Do you want to join the ATF? Positions are open!

_@jossbot hosted the amazing Museum of Unfinished Ideas workshop last Tuesday. We dived into some techniques to support our individual and collective creative processes. She’ll share a deliverable of it soon, but for now, I’ll leave you with her methodology and the notes from our activity.

This proposal was written on top of the workshop template. Knowledge sharing is very encouraged in the community!

_Watch dORG’s pitch to the GECO grant!


_The navigation Hub has a new domain! https://hub.gendao.org/

_An overview perspective of the current DAO ecosystem

_Genesis call notes

_use case WG call notes

_Fran Pick’s talk at New Frontiers Festival in New Zealand / how she ended up in the Genesis DAO, what we are doing and the experiments that came before

_By @Elementarycomplexity: Collection of information and persuasion focused texts that can be used by all in the future to produce all sorts of deliverables. From tutorials and clickfunnels to automated education mailing lists.



Alchemy now supports stable coins! @StratisKaradakis submitted a proposal to exchange 5 ETH for DAI so the DAO would have that amount on the treasury to support this type of rewards. @GraceRachmany and @dOrgJelli engaged in a conversation about the possible pros and cons for the use of stable coins.


@perlmutterlabs “actually one fairly low-hanging fruit proposal I’ve had is architecting our conversation around the “six thinking hats” (or the disney method rooms). maybe could even just create a norm of using hashtags. #managing or #realistic (@Jmauriello) https://idea-sandbox.com/blog/disney-brainstorming-method-dreamer-realist-and-spoiler/ “


@perlmutterlabs + @zack_alex

Aaron: So on the “Give Reputation to Daniel Bar” proposal, there’s ~2.2k GEN staked for pass (~$400), and 150 GEN staked for fail. What happens to the 2.2k GEN if/when the proposal fails? If the 150 GEN is the original “DAO downstake” (I think that’s what we’re calling it), does the GEN just go to the DAO itself, then? Poker speaks: how do we “split the pot”?

If a member were to additionally stake 150 GEN on fail (making it 300 GEN in total on fail), would it then be split between the DAO and this individual?

Alex: And the answer is yes, if a member had staked 150 gen against and the proposal had failed, she would’ve got a 50% of the gens stakes for it :slight_smile:


James Waugh has come around with a thread on multidimensional reputation and how DAOs can benefit: Multidimensional Reputation

Kate Beecroft
“Hi everyone, I wrote this DAOtalk thread with more detail on the funds coming into Genesis and a suggestion about how we budget given that the protocol currently allows us to go into debt. Please give your thoughts and ask any more questions you think we should get information on Budgeting with Genesis's available funds “


The Comms Restructuring- Content Population was the first proposal to pass on Alchemy Earth!

We want feedback o/ :

Eric Arsenault and Kate collaborated on a draft proposal to define a vision + measurable objectives for the GenDAO

ATF role description

Beyond us proposal 1


The DAO-comms channel was revived and some more restructuring was done per pass of this proposal

Explore the DAOtalk!


#7 Genesis Digest | Fri, April 26th

This week started with fire discussions.

A proposal requesting reputation from Matan on behalf of Daniel split votes. On one side, the arguments were that Daniel could ask reputation for himself, based on the onboarding practices that have been suggested by the community. On the other hand, an important issue was brought to the surface: off-chain norms and agreements aren’t scalable and might set a high bar for entrance and participation. Read Matan’s thoughts in this blogpost. Many people voiced their opinions about this matter, if you haven’t done so, feel free to share your thoughts!


_The Curaçao DAO workshop is happening this weekend and is looking good! Doug @dragonfly, DAOstack developer is also there to collaborate!

If you have any questions, ping @LuukJ @rubenrussel7 from the Caribbean Blockchain Networks who organized the event.

_The AMA with Adam Levi was enlightening and entertaining, a link with the recording will be posted on DAOstack’s youtube soon! You can check most of the questions that were asked here, as well as keep posting new ones for clarification from the dev team!

_@Elementarycomplexity is now in Croatia giving a DAO creation workshop using the DAOcanvas tool. If you would like to host your own DAO workshop and use the materials we have available, please contact the team and we’ll help you!

_This Trello board is available for everyone to use! If you find a task that fits your skills and interest, go ahead and make a proposal to execute it! You can also create cards for the ideas or implementations you would love to see but can’t work on at the moment.

The DAO creation and design working group will have a call on May 7th. Ping @franpick if you would like to join, especially interesting for all the folks wanting to discuss use-cases.


_Daniel @exponent beautifully transformed the chaos of his entrance on Genesis in this very useful onboarding guide.

_Article shared in the community:

Conversations and narratives are the new documents

_The navigation Hub https://hub.gendao.org/

_Add resources you would like to see here in the comments!



@Bret_IWG was investigating if advertising DAOstack on his social media was a type of proposal to be funded by Genesis. Different reactions were expressed, and Pat linked the DAO comms channel created “for the discussion of decentralized marketing (owned, earned, paid), content production, pipeline and channel mgmt, strategy, and facilitation.”

#Alchemy view

Felipe, Yehonatan, Stratis, Pat, Adam and Aaron discussed what is the best view of Alchemy in their opinion. Seems like the card view is a bit unpopular compared to the list one, but according to Aaron there is evidence missing to get to any conclusion related to this yet. What do you think? Give your 2 cents for what’s your favorite and less favorite things about the new Alchemy Earth interface!


_If you haven’t submitted your first proposal yet and could use some support, please contact me @liviade or @eriktrodrigues and we’ll be happy to help!

_The Prague DAO proposal was rewritten after the feedback. Go vote!

_The reputation/ norms discussion inspired this and this proposal that are now being voted on Alchemy.

_Genesis has 17 live proposals, have fun voting and staking!

_Some celebration for the new members that submitted their proposals this week <3

We want feedback o/ :

_DAO budgeting 101


_The Bulletin Board is the best place to share announcements and proposals that you would like feedback before submitting to the DAO.

_Towards standardizing a methodology around DAOstack integrations

_DAOtalk Legal

_Trello community board


#8 Genesis Digest | Fri, May 3rd

@katebee facilitated the creation of this mural during the last community call. What are your thoughts on Alchemy Earth so far?


From the 10th to the 17th of May, NYC will have numerous events and 2 conferences as part of the Blockchain Week. If you’re around, come DAOify with us on Wednesday, May 15th!

The Berlin edition of Computational law + Blockchain festival will happen tomorrow, May 4th.

The first edition happened in New York last month and had enlightening discussions and working groups on the intersection of Law and blockchain, especially in relation to DAOs.

We’re building momentum for the DAO creation and design working group call that will happen on May 7th. Ping @franpick if you’re not in the calendar for this call yet.


@maxsemenchuk has a monthly newsletter covering the dgov space, check out the last one and subscribe here!

Jay Bowles submitted a great list of resources to the DAO creation and design working group, as part of the deliverable of this proposal. if you have other items to include related to case mapping, strategy, incubation, and design of the DAO Ecosystem, please add it to the DAOtalk thread!

Ivan Podmasko also submitted a list of resources to populate the DAOlegal working group pinned message. If you have suggestions to add, do like iamcrumplecat and reply the thread!

_Watch the full AMA with Adam or read the transcripts.

_Notes from the Genesis weekly call


I’m highlighting this thread because of the balance point it brings to light. Flagging negative behavior as Fran presents comes from the soft governance side. Grace replies pointing to the function of reputation in her opinion, and how in a large scale, that should be enough to flag people’s behaviors. Seems that we are hitting an important point of the scalability discussion in the past few weeks. Please take time to elaborate your thoughts on on chain- off chain solutions, and if you have any comments, reply to Fran’s topic of how we should develop our communication in a healthy way within the community.

@dthwaites Denise is working on a collaborative art hackathon in June with @exponent. @Adamreese came up to say they are working on a similar project and @Elementarycomplexity, @jossbot and @patdaostack also cheered up with the idea with questions and suggestions. If you want to get involved or have ideas about the ART-DAO topic come to the party!

The DAOschool has been on the topics for a while, @eriktrodrigues suggested a 3 steps structure to move forward with it:

1- (easy) Genesis curated listicle article

2- (medium) Digital Onboarding sequence

3- (hard) Genesis Courseware

If this resonates with you, hit us up, let’s collaborate on actionable.

The ecosystem team is restructuring the onboarding process. A great breakout room was held on the last community call about this. Unfortunately, no one took notes but please keep sending feedback and ideas to make this process the most efficient, decentralized, welcoming and autonomous.

Eric has been helping and wants to hear you, new member, go talk to him :slight_smile:


_If you haven’t submitted your first proposal yet and could use some support, please contact @liviade or @eriktrodrigues and we’ll be happy to help!

_Genesis has 16 live proposals, have fun voting and staking!

We want feedback o/ :

It’s important to reiterate that asking for feedback is a practice that has been well developed in the community. It isn’t a norm approved by proposal therefore not mandatory. The chances of passing a proposal that has been elaborated after feedback is probably higher than without it.

_Delivery Plan for GenDAO DMO proposal

The dxDAO whitepaper v1 has been published and they are keen to receive feedback. This is not a proposal :slight_smile:

_The ATF as we know it is coming to an end. “In its place we want to build a web where all can build and contribute” says @pedroparrachia. The followup project is called DANK (Decentralized Accountability Network) Check out the document and contribute to this transition process!

Reports and Feedback:

If you have any suggestions or feedback to the UX/UI of Alchemy, please share it here.

If you find any bugs on Alchemy, share it straight with the dev team in this github page.


#9 Genesis Digest | Fri, May 10th

New here? Ask us anything! There are no stupid questions :slight_smile:


Genesis DAO calendar

The Genesis weekly call is the best way to be in sync with the community. The structure usually consists of short introductions, important updates, a collective exercise or discussion and a selection of topics to open small breakout rooms.

The DAOify workshop + hackathon will happen this Wednesday, the 15th from 10am to 6pm at the Bushwick Generator. Martin Koppelman from Gnosis will also give a short presentation about the dxDAO in the morning. Join us for NYC blockchain week!

#Workshop DGov
“online workshop to test and enhance DAO concepts, mechanics and ideas”
Next @DAOincubator DAO Crash Test Online Workshop will happen on May 22. Register here
Notes from previous session

Tuesday the DAO creation and design working group had its first call. Consensus was reached about using the group to focus mainly on one DAO project at a time. The call will happen once a month and prioritize actions to optimize the workflow. Ping @franpick if you weren’t in the last call and would like an invite for the following ones. Check out the notes.

@arsena21 Eric is organizing a Budgeting session call. Ping him if you would like to participate


#research #taxonomy #dApp-integration #accountability
This is a all-in-one type of link. It formally proposes the onboarding of the DAOincubator to the Genesis DAO, it brings back the research working group originally initiated by Matan and revived by @pedroparrachia and @GraceRachmany as a deliverable of their Research on Search Engines proposal. It links @arsena21 Budget 101 investigation and presents the rationale for an integration of Alchemy and Discourse. Enjoy!

If you haven’t read the amazing Decentralized Thriving yet, download your copy now!

From Genesis Weekly Call

dOrg receives $30,000 from Gnosis’ Ecosystem Fund to build bonded curves for DAOs, read the full announcement. Don’t know about token bonding curves? Read this explanation!

Framework for use cases created by @NaveRachman


The quiet ending feature was activated for this proposal and the voting period extended. Extra rep and GEN are being required as a reward for participation. The argument for downvotes is that participation is automatically rewarded by the protocol and that this behavior could potentially be unhealthy for the DAO if it becomes a practice since many people participate with different intensities. This seems like a good time to discuss our shared values of contribution. What is a good proposal? What do we want to be?

On the last weekly call, kate proposed a breakout session discussion on how do we vote. Interesting different approaches. Share your insights if you haven’t yet!


Jeremy @jer979 created a delivery plan for GenDAO DMO proposal that is worth to use as an example of successful accountability. Take a minute to browse inside and look at the resources attached to it.

The DAOincubator proposes to join Genesis as an organization. This would be the first time this bridge is made in the Genesis DAO. The premise is that reputation is allocated to the org the same way as it is for individuals. The DAOincubator is in a pre-DAO stage itself and will eventually become a DAO connected to other DAOs, incubating the creation of more DAOs :slight_smile: Read more about it here.

Genesis has 14 live proposals, have fun voting and staking!

_If you haven’t submitted your first proposal yet and could use some support, please contact @liviade or @eriktrodrigues and we’ll be happy to help!

Reports and Feedback:

If you have any suggestions or feedback to the UX/UI of Alchemy, please share it here.

If you find any bugs on Alchemy, share it straight with the dev team in this github page.

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#10 Genesis Digest | Fri, May 17

Getting ready for the weekend with @pedroparrachia :wink:


Talking about parties… cre8 @jwaup and the Bushwick Generator community are hosting the wrap up celebrations of NYC blockchain week, bring your cipher id and talk to us if you need a free ticket code.

DAOstack is hiring an open source community developer to join the ecosystem team. If you think this is perfect to you, apply now or send it to that friend that would love to work with us!

The onboarding process is going through and overhaul and the first call of our new structure will host the “start your own DAO” master @NaveRachman. This is a great opportunity to gather your questions around:

  • What do you need to be able to start your own DAO
  • different DAO use cases and get feedback on yours!
  • What is possible with the current protocol

Please share you questions in advance here so we can make the best use of the time

When? Monday 20/05 | 9am CEST (first call) and 4pm CEST (second call)

Where: https://zoom.us/j/776408786 Reach out to @eriktrodrigues to be added to the event on the Genesis Community calendar.

A conference for decentralized patterns of organizing | London, June 27th and 28th

Our DAOstack+dOrg hackathon happened on Wednesday and many exciting projects came up from it! More info will be shared soon in a blog post, stay tuned!

#Alchemy/ Genesis update

From @zak_alex
“Hey everyone :slight_smile:

We just deployed a version of alchemy that should fix a bunch (visual and functional) bugs, bigger changes coming soon :)”

Also from Alex: “Due to some technical reasons, we had to incentivise the execution of boosted proposals as soon as possible. The incentive gives a portion of the upstake to whoever executes the boosted proposal first. To make it a strong incentive, the portion increases as time goes by until it reaches 100% of the upstake.

We have noticed that someone has built a bot that does just that and has so far collected several hundred dollars worth of GEN.

Although we are grateful for the service this bot is providing, we think it is too high of a price. So we decided to build a bot of our own to drive the price down to something more reasonable…We already have a beta in the working, so hopefully it will be ready very soon…”

This feature has generated controversy since many people didn’t know about it and end up losing some GEN. Adam and Matan came to the Genesis call to answer everyone’s questions. You can watch it here or find more info under external boosting in this Genesis.2/8 doc.

From @StratisKaradakis:

“The Genesis DAO now has 948 DAI!

My proposal to exchange 5 ETH for DAI recently passed and therefore I traded 5 ETH for DAI at a price of around $190 using Ethfinex Trustless and sent 948 DAI back to the Genesis DAO wallet. The Alchemy UI doesn’t show the DAI balance but you can see it on Etherscan)”

This means you can officially submit a proposal and be funded with DAI!


#DAO landscape mapping

#genesis weekly call recording

#DAO newsletter


Take a minute to share your feedback to the pre-proposals!!

#Decentralized Marketing Organization Core module list

#gen dao boosting fund

#pre-proposal optimization

_If you haven’t submitted your first proposal yet and could use some support, please contact @liviade or @eriktrodrigues and we’ll be happy to help!

Reports and Feedback:

If you have any suggestions or feedback to the UX/UI of Alchemy, please share it here.

If you find any bugs on Alchemy, share it straight with the dev team in this github page.


#11 Genesis Digest I Sat, 25 May

Your narrative packed weekly newsletter is here!


DAO Ecosystem

DAOstack is offering a 2000$ referral bounty for anyone who suggests a person (and the person is eventually hired) for the role of facilitating the development of application and modules by partners and members of the DAOstack’s ecosystem, more here: https://angel.co/company/daostack/jobs/559183-open-source-community-developer-remote

A community led DAO created to fund proposals related to Polkadot: https://medium.com/polkadot-network/polkadao-is-live-e61c39d0b259


@Luukweber speaks on behalf of the Curadao, an experiment aimed at creating sustainable development in Curacao. Check the aftermovie for the 2-day DAO workshop funded by Genesis here. Luuk has also submitted all of the workshop’s material (presentation slides, learnings, tips) to the folder linked in this thread.

@jer979 invites interested Genesis denizens to participate to the DMO Module kick-off call on 28.05, feel free to collaborate and add suggestions to this doc.

@AdrienDLT is giving away ETH for weekly calls notetakers, reach him out!

The new onboarding process has it’s next session scheduled with @Franpick about the Genesis Community culture and everything outside the protocol. This is a great opportunity to gather your questions around:

  • Learn how the community connects, collaborates and gets work done

  • How to make sense of the Genesis DAO culture

  • Get an overview of all key resources you should know about, such as guides, repositories and documentation.

When? Monday 03/06 | 4pm CEST

Where: https://zoom.us/j/6452372576

Reach out to be added to the event on the Genesis Community calendar.

Alchemy Updates


From @zak_alex
“Hey everyone, we just deploied another small version of alchemy… :slight_smile:

This version makes alchemy a little faster, but more importently it has much better gas estimation, so you won’t see any more 25$ voting transactions… :sweat_smile:”

Your UX/UI feedback on Alchemy Earth is much appreciated, collaborate here: Collected Alchemy 2.0 UX/UI Feedback


[#Baby steps to start your own DAO slides](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1tawSPGiP3Ap-WW9wZ1eXKGyHwhnIeRQOrJ7EbOqIrKg/edit#slide=id.g55d9baeb7a_0_560)

[#Baby steps to start your own DAO recording](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qc-va3XQH-ope4x90Bl8GNc6rSByXGcl/view?usp=sharing)

[#Genesis Weekly Call notes](https://docs.google.com/document/d/12VJq1OTKbvHdZN5PAjUuCOKEw31F0BsrOP96M09Y3eI/edit)

#[How to fund your proposal by DAO blog post by @dsolovyev](https://medium.com/@dmi3in/how-to-fund-your-idea-by-dao-277c09caf2f9)

Proposal ideas curation by @arsena21

Last week there were 8 proposal ideas added to Trello. Here are brief descriptions of them (note they also link to the trello card in case any of them draw your attention).

Nathaniel Whittemore

3/ Another way to think about it: narratives are the memes that compete not only to grab our attention but to satisfactorily sum things up in a way we can wrap our heads around.



Please let Eric know if you’ve got any proposal ideas lying around as he’ll gently add them to the Genesis Trello Board.

In this mean time, proposal ideas are being tracked in this file.