Weekly Dev Call Notes #9 Notes

Weekly Dev Call 28/97/20 Notes

  • Mesa: Preparing new release from dex-react repository.

  • Omen: v1.1.3 release:

    • Market creators can now create custom categories
    • Market creators can now set their own trading fee with a range of 0 to 5%
    • Show open and closed market counts on picked category
    • Replace horizontal asset pair picker with a dropdown
    • On Market creation, show most popular categories and allow fetching of more categories
    • Show all markets on Rinkeby again
  • DXswap: Dxswap-sdk to support swap and protocol fees, we have to prepare the DXswap scheme in DXdao, which is required for DXswap to be announced on mainnet.

  • ERC20Guild: PR with tests for it in progress.

  • ERC20Guild for dxd: Guild for DXD is happening with flash loan protection, we will have a “guild” view in dxstrust.eth.

  • New voting machine implementations: PayableVotingMachine and SignedVotingMachine implementations with tests in dxdao-contracts repo.

  • Wiki by @pepo :

    • OrbitDB provider: finished and tested.
    • Working on preparing the support infrastructure for OrbitDB (IPFS and OrbitDB public pinning services)
    • New developer onboard since yesterday! he is now 100% focused on the work for dxDAO with me.
    • Currently working on Alchemy to show the changes of the wiki associated to a proposal at the voting step.