Weekly Dev Call Notes #32 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 12/01/22 notes:

  • Swpr:

    • Conditional farming contracts are being audited.
    • Discussion about integration of other defi exchanges, a sushiswap integration is on the way.
    • Discussion about how migration will work and how can it be implemented on swapr.
  • Mesa:

  • Omen:

    • Omen scalar markets feature finished, is being tested right now, ready to be included in next release.
    • Finalization of markets now occurs in omen dapp, the user doesnt need to leave the dapp to finalize markets anymore.
  • Governance:


  • Long discussion about Arbitrum integration for L2 support.
  • DXtrust v0.3.0 would be designed by @Zett and once designs are done the release will be submitted. ( It will show more data about teh bonding curve and allow buy/sell of dxd trough swapr).