Weekly Dev Call Notes #31 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 05/01/21 notes:

  • Tenderly presentation, an EVM simulation service that it even uses mempool data to simulate the transaction results which is super cool. We talked about how the payment can be done from a dao, they accpet crypto, so it is possible to pay for tenderly services, it will cost at least 500 usd per month, it might seem a lot but is a nice deal taking in count that can be used in all our dapps.
  • Contribution reward scheme with multiple contributions discussion, very much needed to have more flexible proposals.
  • Payroll compensation and vesting contract discussion, @JohnKelleher and @sky are leading this with blockrocket.
  • Swapr: Working on alpha v3, working on the farming contract, farming and governance ui.
  • Omen:
    • Released testing version on dxtest.eth for scalar markets on rinkeby, already found ui/ux related bugs, still no major issues.Lot of testing happening since it is a very important feature.
    • Testing on xdai under dxomen.eth domain.
    • Compound bounty feature under review by a new developer who might join the omen dev team.
  • Mesa: Technical plan is being built by @nico and @martinkrung. It would be great to have something to share for next dev call.
  • DXvote: v1.0 To Do list https://github.com/AugustoL/dxvote/issues/1 and testing on https://augustol.github.io/dxvote/#/