Weekly Dev Call Notes #30 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 30/12/20 notes:

  • Swpr:

    • All bugs found in the dapp were fixed.
    • Conditional farming contracts ready for audit.
  • Mesa:

    • Easy auction feature will be added by DXdao.
    • A team is kinda forming around mesa product where Nico is helping as developer, geronimo as designer and martin as product owner/manager, we can expect to have more clear roles around it during next month.
  • Omen:

    • Long discussion about how to configure the omen dapp to test it locally, right now all testing between project members is being done on rinkeby, which is far from ideal, every product should have a locally testing environment configured.
    • Gelato integration PR submitted, under review now.
    • Omen bounty regarding compound integration discussion.
  • Governance:

    • Demo of dxvoting dapp working next to dxtrust dapp v0.3.0 on rinkeby. (lot of issues and details to be fixed, but it works)
    • Alchemy caching issues fixed.
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