Weekly Dev Call Notes #28 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 15/12/20 notes:

  • Swpr:

    • Alpha version released! Already counts with a good amount of liquidity, now waiting for ens content assignment of the dapp.
    • Already found few bugs on the swap dapp and the dxstats site, nothing critical, we can expect to have a new proposal assigning a new ens content record soon.
    • Short discussion explaining the reasoning behind the naming on alpha-beta-stable versions, swpr will be in stable state once we have all the features that makes it unique integrated.
  • Mesa:

    • Short discussion about the easy auction tool that sounds that is ready to be added soon, @sky maybe you can expand a little bit about it in a comment :slight_smile:
    • There is a still a lot of questions about how the dapp development and what we can/should do over it, I think we can expect to have another call with gnosis team soon to have a more clear understanding and path on how are we going to work together and the interest of each organization in the mesa dapp.
  • Omen:

    • Scalar markets almost ready, the feature is being heavily tested right now.
    • Omen is deployed on sokol network. (xdai test network).

First: Mesa as DEX /GP V 1 for IDO is a dead end.

Regarding EasyAuction/Mesa:

More info about the inner working you find here:

Discussion about this on GnosisDao Forum:

If you missed this, I did write a draft regarding the IDO Platform and DXdao x GnosisDao:

And a very loose roadmap which needs more work for sure:

Alex also did an uniswap app based first draft of a front-end for the auction, he will open the repo the next days.