Weekly Dev Call Notes #27 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 08/12/20 notes:

  • Mesa:

    • The call started right after a call with the gnosis team about GnosisDao and Mesa, were an informal agreement was agreed in the call that GnosisDao will maintain gnosis protocol and dxdao will be in charge of maintaining the mesa frontend that will use gnosis protocol underneath as always, it was also agreed that the protocol fee will be splitted amonth GnosisDao and dxDao.
    • We will need developers to maintain the mesa dapp, there is an empty space there, call for action to anyone who wants to start collaborating in dxdao :).
  • Omen:

    • Gelato integration in progress.
    • @geronimo has a draft of the designs for the orderbook feature ready.
    • There were blockers in the development due to some subgraph issues.
    • @hexyls working on the xdai release, that will be tested in the dxdai test network “Sokol”.
  • Swpr:

    • Deployment process discussion, we talked about how the dapp was deployed and compared to how the other dxdao apps were deployed.
    • Governance and farming UIs ready, now we have to audit ERC20Guilds and Conditional Token Farming in order to continue with that features development, testing and integration.
    • Swpr mainnnet release will happen this week, only few issues remain to be solved, but is confirmed it will happen during these days.
  • Rails:

    • Proposal for v1 release confirmed.
  • DXvote:

    • Demo of the almost fully working dxvoting dapp, the more complex part of the dapp is already coded, we will have a rinkeby dxvote dapp deployed by the end of the year.