Weekly Dev Call Notes #25 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 24/11/20 notes:

  • Swpr:

  • Mesa:

    • @martinkrung will be taken over Mesa management, maintaining teh fork and start thinking about what features we can add form dxdao to not just be a fork of dex-react dapp maintained by gnosis and get familiarized with the dex-react source code.
    • New release v1.5.2 with bunch of new cool small features https://github.com/dOrgTech/dex-react/releases/tag/v1.5.2
  • Omen:

    • Discussion about how to handle funds and liquidity provided by the omen squad.
    • We talked about how important would be the competition scheme for omen, to have proposals submitted where the organization can decide between multiple options.
    • New omen market UI ready that will remove reality.io from the process and simplify the market verification.
  • Other:

    • We talked about the need to set up a new call that will happen twice a month to organize the dxdao workers responsabilities, goals and proposals.
  • Landing page:

    • New version with updated manifesto, compensantion guidelines, projects logos and links ready to be deployed.