Weekly Dev Call Notes #23 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 10/11/20 notes:

  • DXswap:

    • DXswapFeeReceiver contract PR merged. This contract will receive the LP tokens taken from the protocol fee and will convert them to ETH and send the ETH directly to the DXD/DXtrust contract.
    • DXswapDeployer will be redeployed on rinkeby for testing, and DXswapDeployer will be deployed to mainnet once @JohnKelleher nd @Zett tell me.
    • DXswapLiquidity relayer will use GenericScheme and will be ready to be used this week.
  • DXswap new name was going to be swapr, but lot of votes for the new name went to aqua last night, aqua is trying to steal the election from swapr in last minute but I have hope that dxdao wont let that happen.

  • Mesa:

    • Lot of changes were done in the UI level, but release is still in progress.
    • OWL attack liquidity attack vector exploited on FUSE IDO on mesa. The gnosis protocol used for the order book charges the fees in OWL, and the liqudity was taken during the IDO, making it harder for the orders to be accepted by the protocol.
  • Omen:

    • US Presidential Election market market is in a super interesting situation, we saw in the news that there is a new president elected, but it seems thats not final, there is a chance for the market to be marked as invalid or to into dispute once it resolves.
  • DXtrust aka Bonding Curve: LOONG discussion about what can, cant and should do with the DXD held by DXdao.